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Wasserstein Wall Mount for Google Nest Cam IQ

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Main Features
Easy Installation

The Wasserstein Wall Mount a handy magnetic mount for the Google Nest Cam IQ. It uses magnetic forces to attach to any metal surface, or alternatively, it can be manually screwed into any wall. As the Nest Cam IQ is limited to counter-top placements, the versatile mount offers more placement and coverage options.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Improves indoor security
  • Sturdy wall mount design
  • Freedom of placement
  • Dual mounting options
  • Easy to install

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The Wasserstein Wall Mount provides better vantage points for the Google Nest Cam IQ. It's designed for versatile usage with dual mount options for magnetic or wall plug with screw installation. On a wall or ceiling, the Wasserstein Wall Mount gives your Nest Cam IQ a birds eye view of the room. This allows for a better recording field of view which reduces the risk of camera interference. The Wasserstein Wall Mount for Nest Cam IQ brings peace of mind by taking your home security to new heights.

Product Information

  • Increases your home security: The Nest Cam IQ's non-detachable base only allows for placements on indoor counter-tops. With the Wasserstein Wall Mount, The Nest Cam IQ can be placed anywhere within your home, improving the camera coverage range for better home security.
  • Dual mounting options: With 4 magnetic snap on rings, the Wasserstein Wall Mount can be easily placed on any thick metallic surface or steel plate. Alternatively, the mounting plate can be secured using the wall plugs and screws that are provided. This provides new-found flexibility to place your Nest Cam IQ wherever you desire.
  • A birds eye view: The Wasserstein Wall Mount can be used to place your Nest Cam IQ high up on a wall or even on the ceiling. With a bird's eye view, your camera will have a better chance of detecting persons in its field of view. A birds eye view also reduces the chances of the Nest Cam IQ's view being obstructed or even knocked over altogether.
  • Installation is easy: Attaching the camera and setting up its position is a quick and easy process. The magnetic mechanisms snap on easily and then firmly hold the base of the camera in place. There is also no tools or damaging drilling needed to install the mount.

The Wasserstein Wall Mount for the Google Nest Cam IQ in action

Camera placement is critical for reliable motion detection and alert notifications. While the Nest Cam IQ is a powerful indoor security camera, it's non-detachable base limits it to counter-top placements. With the Wasserstein Wall Mount, your Nest Cam IQ can have a birds eye view from any wall or ceiling. With higher vantage points and wider viewing angles, your Nest Cam IQ will have a perfect angle for securely recording and monitoring your room in its entirety.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Setup is simple with everything you need for installation provided in the box.

Product Quality 8

Dual mount capabilities that can be combined to increase the potential of your Nest Cam IQ and ultimately, make your home more secure.

Functionality 8

Significantly improves the viewing range of the Nest Cam IQ with better placement options.

Reliability 8

A very reliable product for the price. The magnetic base sticks to any metal surface and doesn't struggle to carry the weight of a Nest Cam IQ.

Design 9

A sturdy design meant for functionality but which also looks neat and futuristic. Certainly doesn't look out of place in a modern connected home.

Value for Money 8

A boost to your home security for such a low price makes this a no-brainer for owners of the Nest Cam IQ.

Setup is simple with everything you need for installation provided in the box.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensions3 x 3 x 1.3 in (package)
Article weight2.4 oz
In the boxWasserstein Wall Mount for Nest Cam IQ, mounting screws
Is everything needed for installation included at delivery?

Yes, mounting screws needed to attach the mount to the wall are included with delivery.

Can the mount be used outdoors?

The mount is only designed for indoor use.

Are there any tools required to set up the mount?

No, there are no tools required for setting up and attaching the camera mount.

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