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Wasserstein Silicone Skin for Google Nest Cam IQ

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Main Features
Easy Installation

This slick looking silicone skin is the perfect addition to your Google Nest Cam IQ. If you want to give your camera some protection, accessorize it or conceal it slightly, then this skin ticks all of those boxes. It will help your camera to fit in with the unique interior of your home.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Added protection for your camera
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Accessorize in a range of colours
  • Ideal for concealing your camera

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

Wasserstein's Silicone Skin for the Google Nest Cam IQ is a neatly designed product. It's multi-functional, with the ability to conceal your cameras or add some extra sharpness to them. Importantly, this skin also provides substantial protection to your cameras. Shock and scratch resistant silicone means that you can have peace of mind, knowing that your cameras will stay in top condition. The skin is also designed thoughtfully around the camera's vents and ports to ensure that they remain open and clear once the skin is applied.

Product Information

  • A skin that's easily fitted: Skins can be a nightmare! Luckily though, this well designed product is extremely simple to fit to your Google Nest Cam IQ. It slips on easily, covering both the camera and the stand. Once applied, the skin almost looks like a paint job! It fits tightly around the product and doesn't suffer from any loose corners or edges.
  • Keeping your cameras in top condition: This silicone skin will provide you with reassurance that your cameras are protected against any potential damage. It provides significant shock resistance, should your camera accidentally fall off a surface or wall. This, coupled with the ability to protect against nasty scratches, means that this skin can keep your camera looking spotless for a longer time.
  • A well thought out and designed product: A stand out feature of this product is its careful and precise design. Once applied, this skin will not interfere with any of the Google Nest IQ's features. Its wide-angle lens, mirophone and speakers will remain unobstructed and function as normal. The Google Nest Cam IQ's 2-way audio will also be unaffected by the application of this skin.
  • Ideal for both decoration and concealment: Whether you're looking to camouflage and conceal your cameras or just spruce them up with a bit of decoration, then this skin is ideal for you! The two colours available work well for both purposes as well as being able to give your cameras a new, unique and vibrant touch.

The Wasserstein Silicone Skin for Google Nest Cam IQ in action

This skin boasts a combination of impressive build quality and a neat design, making it a great product to live with. Application of the skin to the camera is really quick and easy. Its tight fit is just right for providing robust protection whilst simultaneously not interfering with any of the cameras lenses, speakers or microphones. Ventilation is not an issue either, as the skin has openings to ensure that the camera's ports remain uncovered and available.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 10

Applying the skin couldn't be easier and you'll have it on in seconds. There's no awkward fumbling around to fit it to the camera and once applied it fits snugly around the whole device.

Product Quality 8

Protection is a key aim of this product and it does well to safeguard your cameras against any potential damage. The skin absorbs any shocks to reduce fall damage and prevents any scratches.

Functionality 7

Simple to fit, adds extra protection, smartens up your camera, conceals and camouflages it. This skin provides all of these functions, depending on your needs.

Reliability 8

Reliability of the skin is good as it's made with high-durable silicone. It should last a long time once you've fitted it to your camera.

Design 9

The design is neat and the skin really adds some extra elegance to the Google Nest Cam IQ camera. It works well for concealment, as well as providing some added chic to your cameras.

Value for Money 8

For the range of functions that it offers and the extra protection it gives your cameras, the price of this product is excellent. A big return for a small investment.

Applying the skin couldn't be easier and you'll have it on in seconds. There's no awkward fumbling around to fit it to the camera and once applied it fits snugly around the whole device.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensions3.3 x 2.8 x 2.7 in (package)
Article weight0.8 oz
Is there a risk that the Wasserstein Silicone skin could cause the Google Nest Cam IQ to overheat?

No, the Wasserstein Silicone skin is fitted with ventilation holes and slots to ensure that the cameras ports remain clear and accessible.

Does this skin fit the Google Nest Cam Outdoor camera?

No, this skin is only compatible with the Google Nest Cam IQ indoor camera. Wasserstein produces a seperate silicone skin for the Google Nest Cam Outdoor camera, which is also available on the tink website.

Does Wasserstein offer a warranty on this product?

Yes, this product comes with a 3 month warranty in case you're unsatisfied with it. This includes either a full refund or a replacement.

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