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Wasserstein 3 x Silicone Skins for Arlo Smart Security (Arlo Pro, 3 x Black)

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Main Features
Easy Installation

Ensure your Arlo Smart Security camera is well protected so that it can protect you! These Wasserstein 3 x Silicone Skins for Arlo Smart Security are perfect if you're looking to place your camera indoors or outdoors.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Sleek and modern look
  • UV and water resistant
  • Easy slip-on/slip-off design
  • Prevents sun glare on camera

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

This 3 pack of Wasserstein Silicone Skins is a must have for Arlo Smart Security Cameras. It protects your camera, and increases the lifetime of your device. This small investment makes a big difference! Better yet, the stylish design enhances the look of your camera, making them fit right into your home. Place them on a shelf or mount them on any wall!

Product Information

  • UV and water resistant: Place your cameras outdoors and be worry free of damage!
  • Say goodbye to sun glare: The built-in shade guarantees a clear and reliable image
  • High quality material: Made from silicon, these skins are built to last and can be easily placed or removed from camera
  • A classic look: This black 3 pack suits your living room or backyard camera

The Wasserstein 3x Silicone Skins for Arlo Smart Security in action

This 3 pack is great value for those with multiple cameras around their home or who want backup skins. Made from high quality silicon, these are built to last and protect! The skins are an investment that increases the longevity of your camera!

Indoor and outdoor protection:

This 3 pack of Arlo Smart Security skins ensures that all your cameras are protected, no matter where you place them. The sleek design and black color let's you put them anywhere inside your home. The UV and water resistant material means they can be used outdoors with max protection! The built-in shade also provides protection against sun glare, so the image is always clear!

These skins are not only functional for protecting your camera, but also your home. The black color helps blend your camera into your home or yard, making them easier to hide from intruders!

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Silicone material makes it easy to slip-on and off.

Product Quality 8

This quality silicone is built to last and protects you valuable cameras.

Functionality 8

Perfect to protect your camera and reduce glare.

Reliability 8

Rain or shine, your camera is protected!

Design 9

Sleek design and color, suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

Value for Money 8

This 3 pack is a great deal for anyone with multiple cameras

Silicone material makes it easy to slip-on and off.

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Technical details
Are the Wasserstein Silicone Skins weather proof?

Yes, they are UV and water resistent

Is it possible to purchase different colors?

This pack only comes in black

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