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SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar


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Main Features
Easy Installation

Make your acoustic experience even better with the SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar. This is an easy and secure wall mounting solution that makes it easy to place the SONOS Playbar right where you want it.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to install
  • Secure mounting
  • Can be placed above your TV
  • Seamless design
  • Rigid construction

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar really lifts the acoustic experience for sound lovers. An easy to install and secure wall mounting solution, it helps you to place your Playbar exactly where you prefer. While it's not an essential item for everyone, if you've invested in a Playbar and want to mount it over your TV or around an entertainment unit, then it's a definite plus to own one.

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Product Information

  • Simple and easy to install: You won't have to wrestle around with this wall mount to get it installed. This easy to install mount affixes onto any wall with pegs in precisely the right place so you can enjoy your music right away.
  • Mounts securely to walls: The robust design ensures a secure and rattle-free wall mount installation process in your home. The instructions are easy to follow, meaning you can enjoy the SONOS entertainment experience right away.
  • Can be placed above your TV: To have an even better home cinema, music, or gaming experience, place the SONOS wall mount horizontally above or below your TV. It's not only pleasing to look at, but it makes the audio experience even more immersive.
  • Design integrates seamlessly: With a clean, minimal design, this wall mount for the SONOS Playbar is barely noticeable. Once installed, it's difficult to notice that this thin mount is even there, just as it should be.
  • Rigid and strong construction: There is no need to wonder if this mount can do the job. Make from quality materials and with wall anchors included, you can rest assured knowing your Playbar is in the right place.
  • Wall mounting template: Included in the box is a template to help you mount your Playbar. This makes installation even easier and ensures you won't run into any issues as you set it up.

The SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar in action

The is Wall Mount for your SONOS Playbar is easy to install anywhere around your home. The included pegs fit exactly where they need to go and ensure that you've got a solid fit so you can enjoy sound in a new way.

Crystal clear acoustics

A SONOS loudspeaker does a great job wherever it's placed, but the SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar takes it to another level. This mount ensures that you get a secure and rattle-free experience whatever the genre of music you prefer, and it can be placed horizontally to sit above or below your TV for a more cinematic journey through sound.

It's hard to appreciate great acoustics until you experience it. With the SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar, you can place your loudspeaker right where you want, which has the benefit of improving sound delivery along with a nice interior design tweak.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 8

Everything you need except a drill is included in the box, no stress.

Product Quality 9

Even though you aren't supposed to see it day to day, this mount does the hard work behind the scenes.

App/Software 10

The Sonos Controller app is clear, intuitive and reliable. It allows you to manage your devices remotely as well as providing access to tons of different streaming services.

Functionality 7

It does one thing but it does it very well. Easy to install and can improve acoustics in the home.

Reliability 9

This mount is made to hold up expensive speakers so fortunately it's constructed from quality materials.

Design 9

It's a strong and well-made mount that is a great accompaniment to the Playbar.

Data Protection 9

SONOS adheres to standardized data protection regulations to ensure that the connection and your data is always safe and secure.

Value for Money 9

It's not a must-have but rather a want to have. If you care about sound then you'll want this mount.

Everything you need except a drill is included in the box, no stress.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product Dimensions3.15 x 31.5 x 0.53 in.
Product Weight1.05 pounds
What's IncludedWall mount bracket, 6 screws, 6 wall anchors, Level, Wall mount template, Product Information Booklet
Can you just use the anchors and screws without the SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar?

Technically you could but without the SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar it's harder to line everything up securely.

Do I need to get my own screws to install the SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar?

All the screws, anchors and fittings are included in the box along with a level.

Can you conceal the wiring after mounting the SONOS Wall Mount for Playbar?

Not directly, but other than trying it yourself you could consult an electrician about hiding the wires behind the wall itself.

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