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Smart Home for Senior Living

Google Nest Protect 2nd Gen. (battery powered, wireless)
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Google Nest Protect 2nd Gen. (battery powered, wireless)

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Google Nest Cam Indoor - Surveillance Camera front
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Google Nest Cam Indoor - Surveillance Camera

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Google Smart Light Starter Kit
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Google Smart Light Starter Kit

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Main Features
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Controller app for Android devices.
Android App
Can be controlled via a PC/Browser.
Web App
Compatible with the Google Assistant.
Google Assistant
This product has a hands-free communication function.
Hands-free Communication
Integrated night vision provides a good picture even with low light levels.
Night Vision
IFTTT stands for "If This Then That" and is a service that allows you to link simple statements. Example: When I enter my house in the evening, all the lights should turn on.
This product is compatible with at least one music streaming service.
Music streaming
This product can communicate with other Bluetooth devices wirelessly.
Two-way communication with the person in front of your camera.
Two-way Communication
This product can communicate wirelessly with other devices over an existing WiFi network.
This device can notify you of pre-determined events via email, SMS or push messages in its smartphone app.
E-Mail/SMS/App Alarm
Via your smartphone, this product recognizes whether you're at home and changes it's behaviour accordingly (e.g. a camera could be switched on or the heat output reduced).
Easy Installation

The ultimate smart home package for unparalleled security and comfort. With a Google Assistant enabled smart speaker, you’ll be able to control lighting, get reminders to take medication, ask about the weather, and more. With the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Protect, you can monitor your home’s security from your smartphone, no matter where you are: Get alerts when carbon monoxide is detected and view a live video feed of your home anytime to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our Senior Bundle is the perfect set for keeping an eye over your elderly relatives. Included are 2 security devices that help you keep watch over them to make sure they can contact you in case of emergency and alert you if there's smoke in their home. Also included are 2 additional devices designed to make daily life more convenient for them.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Stream live video of your home 24/7
  • Nest Cam Indoor - Instantly see what's going on
  • Nest Protect - the smart smoke detector
  • Google Home Mini - voice-activated assistance
  • Control lights with your phone or voice

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

A terrific bundle for anyone who wants to keep an eye on elderly relatives who depend on you for care and support. You'll get an indoor security camera from Nest that can help you to keep an eye on them, as well provide some security against break-ins. The Nest Protect also gives you peace of mind when it comes to fires - get instant alerts on your smartphone if smoke is detected.
Our Senior Bundle is also ideal for independent retirees (provided you have your own compatible smartphone). The Google Home Mini give you convenient voice-activated assistants, great for little reminders about appointments, birthdays, and get-togethers. You'll also a smart LED bulb from GE - you can have it turn on and off at pre-set times each day.

More details
Product Information

  • Stream live video of your home 24/7: Place the Nest Cam Indoor in any room in the house to check up on family or pets throughout the day. The Cam offers highly detailed HD video and night vision capabilities, so you’ll always be able to see exactly what’s going on. You can also talk to anyone near the Cam from your smartphone, thanks to the built-in two-way communication feature. The Nest Cam Indoor activates when it detects motion or hears loud noises. Place it in a living area in your family member's home to keep an eye and them, and see directly if they've had a fall or injury.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide protection: The Nest Protect sends you alerts you when it detects smoke or carbon monoxide, so you can keep an eye on your home’s safety - even when you’re out of the house. Some elderly people can find loud sirens and noises distressing (particularly those with heart conditions). The Nest Protect is a gentler smoke alarm, giving a simple vocal alert if a low level of smoke is detected. It only activates the 85 dB siren if it detects a serious fire has broken out.
  • Helpful little reminders: Google Home Mini can give your elderly family members helpful little reminders throughout the day. You can schedule the voice-activated assistant to remind your relatives to take their medications as well as give them a heads up on their appointments. You can also broadcast voice messages directly on to the device from your smartphone. You can also use the smart speaker to find out what the weather is like, listen to music, and more. In case of emergency, you can ask Google to make a call to anyone in your contact list.
  • Light the right way: The GE C-Life Smart LED Bulb is a fully dimmable smart light bulb. Just screw it in and you’re ready to control it with your smartphone or even with your voice. Proper home lighting is essential for preventing slips and falls, so we've included the C-Life Smart LED Bulb from GE in our Senior Bundle. You can schedule this light to activate at preset times each day, as well as have the light turn on and off in tune with the sunset.
  • For all homes: This set has also been designed for retirees who are looking to spend their golden years in a smart, convenient home. Read the section below to get details on how Google Home makes this set retiree friendly.

The Smart Home for Senior Living bundle in action

Our senior bundle is primarily designed for those looking to keep their elderly, dependent relatives safe. Installing this smart home package ensures help is always at hand. With two smart speakers you’re likely to be in earshot of the Google Assistant no matter which room you’re in. Make calls to friends and family, let Google remind you about important tasks of the day, and listen to your favorite music and podcasts. The Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Protect let you monitor your home’s security and check in with family from afar. The bundle is compatible with many other products that can make life easier such as a robot vacuum cleaner from Neato

Google Home Mini is Senior Friendly

Of course, this is also the perfect bundle for those who've recently retired and went to spend their best years in a connected home that makes life easy. These smart home devices offer a way to stay connected with elderly family members. Whether you are a senior yourself or want a way to ensure your aging parent’s safety, you’ll be able to sleep easier knowing that the closest relatives will be informed should something go awry. It's the Google Home device which makes this possible, through the easy-to-use Google Home App. Here's how:

  • The Home Menu gives you a simple break down of the smart devices available in your home. For example, you can turn of the C-Life Smart Led Bulb by simply clicking on the light bulb icon in the menu, or access the stream of your Nest Cam Indoor by clicking on the camera icon. All your devices are even broken down into the rooms they're in, so accessing them is intuitive.
  • It's the Discover Menu which really makes Google Home accessible to seniors. Here, you can find a list of the available voice commands on the Google Home device (even giving you direct instructions on how to say them), as well as offering you assistance in getting your other smart devices set up in your home.

The Google Home App also offers a neat feature for customers who want to install the devices in the home of dependent relatives and who already are using a Google Home in their own houses. You can directly integrate this second system into your Google Home App and administrate the two homes together. This also makes it even easier to broadcast messages on their devices like "Don't forget to take your meds" or "I'll be there in 20 minutes with dinner". Smart home technology offers new ways to bring families together when it matters most. And even though cutting-edge technology may seem complicated to some, all of these devices are easy to install and will become seamlessly integrated assistants for everyday life.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Most of the devices included in the Senior Bundle are easy to set up. Just plug them into power, download the app on your device, and complete setup in the app. The Nest Protect needs to be mounted to the ceiling, which may prove trickier. From then on

Product Quality 10

High quality sensors mean you’ll get fewer false alarms and can stay informed about home security.

App/Software 9

With a simple and intuitive user-interface, the Google Home app allows you to manage and control all of your connected devices, as well as providing access to useful features and functionalities.

Functionality 10

A 5-product bundle designed for your dependent relatives or for independent retirees. Keep them safe from accidents, break-ins, and fire, or give them some helpful little reminders with the voice-activated Google Home Mini.

Reliability 9

These devices are designed to work together within the Google ecosystem, so they interact reliably with one another according to your commands. The entirety of this Senior Bundle connects to Wifi, so you can access them remotely no matter where you are

Design 9

A sleek, understated look means your smart home devices blend in with your home decor. The Nest Cam Indoor can be mounted to the wall or ceiling if you don't want to place it on a table or shelf.

Data Protection 9

Google Nest devices are equipped with a firewall that is always automatically updated. Data is encrypted in accordance with modern, standard regulations.

Value for Money 9

Make significant savings over buying the products individually. 2 separate aspects of home life are enhanced by this bundle - get increased security and convenience in the home. No monthly fee, just a one-time purchase.

Most of the devices included in the Senior Bundle are easy to set up. Just plug them into power, download the app on your device, and complete setup in the app. The Nest Protect needs to be mounted to the ceiling, which may prove trickier. From then on

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product Dimension
Nest Cam Indoor: 2.8 x 2.8 x 4.4 in.
Nest Protect: 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.5 in.
Google Home Mini: 3.85 x 1.65 in
C-Life by GE: 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.8 in
Article Weight
Nest Cam Indoor: 7.5 oz
Nest Protect: 0.8 lbs
Google Home Mini: 0.38 lbs
GE C-Life: 1.88 lbs
Nest Cam Indoor: Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 or 5 GHz), Bluetooth Low Energy
Nest Protect: Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth Low Energy
Google Home Mini: Wifi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz), Bluetooth 4.1
GE C-Life: Bluetooth, Wifi (via Google Home)
Power Source
Nest Cam Indoor: Mains-powered
Nest Protect: 6 AA batteries (included)
Google Home Mini: Mains-powered
C-Life by GE: Mains-powered
Nest Protect: 85 dB at 10 ft. distance
SensorsNest Protect: Fire Spectrum Sensor, Carbon Monoxide Sensor, Heat Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Presence Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor
Google Home Mini: Micro USB
Google Home Mini: 1.5" driver
Nest Cam Indoor: Up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) at 30 fps, H. 264 encoding
Viewing Angle [°]
Nest Cam Indoor: 130°
Operating Temp [C°]
Nest Cam Indoor: 32 to 104 °F
Nest Protect: 40 to 104 °F (normal ambient temperature)
Siren Volume
Nest Protect: 85 dB at 10 ft. distance
Battery Life
Nest Protect: 2 years (approx.)
Alternative Power[W]C-Life by GE: 60 W
Lifespan C-Life by GE: 14 years (Approx)
Color Temperature [K]C-Life by GE: 2000K-7000K
Socket TypeC-Life by GE: E26
Light Current [lumen]C-Life by GE: 850 lm
Included At Delivery
Nest Cam Indoor: Nest Cam Indoor, Stand, USB Cable, Power Supply, Wall Mount, Nest Screws, Quick Start Guide, Introduction
Nest Protect: Nest Protect, 6 x AA batteries, Suspension, 4 Screws, User Guide and Introduction
Google Home Mini + C-Life by GE: Google Home Mini, Power Adapter and Cable for Home Mini, (2) Quick Start Guide, GE C-Life Smart Bulb
How is the Nest Protect powered?

The Nest Protect is battery powered (batteries included at delivery). It has an estimated battery lifespan of about 2 years.

Which smartphone do I need to use the Google Home App?

You'll need a smartphone or tablet that runs Android 5.0 or higher, or iOS 10 or higher. Check your device's settings for details.

Can the C-Life by GE Smart LED Bulb be used outdoors?

No, the smart LED bulb has only been designed for indoor use.

Will these smart home devices need an ongoing power and internet connection to work?

Yes, in order to have full functionality of your smart home devices - which includes controlling devices with your voice and phone and getting alerts - they will need an uninterrupted power and internet connection.

Can multiple family members stream video from the same Nest Cam Indoor on their phones?

Yes, multiple smartphones can be connected to the same Nest Cam Indoor through the Nest app.

What certifications does the Nest Protect have?

The Nest Protect has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories for compliance with U.S, European and Canadian safety standards. It conforms with the following standard for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms: EN-14604, EN-50291, EN-50271:2010, EN-50292.

Will the bundle work all the time?

Although all products in the bundle are reliable, it is always possible that the power and/or internet connection is interrupted. In this case the products won't be reachable. Also, a software malfunction can result in an error. However, this bundle offers the best solution to ensure safety for a small budget. Increase the comfort and safety by adding addiotional products such as a robotic vacuum cleaner that is compatible with Google Assistant or any other product such as a smart doorbell or outdoor cameras to increase the reach of the surveilled area.

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