Smart Garage Door Opener

Access your garage door from anywhere, at anytime

It can take a thief 6 seconds to break into your garage with just a coat hanger. Install a smart garage door opener to receive a smartphone notification every time the garage is accessed.


How do smart garage door openers work?

Smart garage door openers don’t replace your current system but only integrate with it to make it more secure and automated. The smart device comes with a hub and a sensor. The hub equips your garage door motor with the ability to connect to the WiFi network. This enables you to control the door from your smartphone. The sensor is attached to the garage door and is connected to the hub via a local network. When the door is opened, the sensor is triggered and will send a signal to the hub, which will notify your smartphone. Certain hubs include an alarm that will also go off when the hub senses the garage door opening. Some of these smart garage door openers come with the capacity to control up to three garage doors or gates. Some smart garage door opener kits also include IP cameras to monitor your garage or driveway.

Tip: Before buying a smart garage door opener, be sure to confirm if the device is compatible with your current garage door system. Companies manufacturing smart garage door openers set up a page for you to find the model that is compatible for your system For ismartgate, use the ismartgate compatibility checker.

What are the features that make a garage door opener smart?

The core components of a smart garage door opener are the hub and a waterproof door sensor. Installing this duo to your garage system opens up a plethora of smart features such as:

Real-time alerts and activity log

Every time the gate or door is opened by a user, you can customize your hub so that it notifies you via the smartphone app. It will create an activity log for each user.

Lock/unlock the door from anywhere

If you’re running late to your own party and the guests have arrived, unlock your front gate and let them in using the smart gate opener app on your smartphone.

Automatic opening/closing

Some garage openers activate when the hub recognizes your location through the GPS on your smartphone. This means the garage door can automatically open when you’re in the driveway or close as you leave.

Give access to multiple users

These smart garage door openers can grant or deny access to numerous users. Depending on the company, these devices start from 3 to up to 10 users for free.

Set schedules

IFTTT compatibility allows you to schedule your door or gate to open or close at a pre-determined time. So if you often forget to close the garage door at night, set up a schedule to have it close at a certain time every night.

Build a strong security set up for your garage

Some of these smart systems come as a package and include other features or devices such as:

  • Ability to control more than one garage door or gate - If you have more than one garage door, or you have a garage and a gate, having this feature is a practical choice for you.
  • IP Camera - IP cameras are great for keeping an eye on your garage. If you have a package delivery while you're at work, you can instruct the person to leave those especially large deliveries in the garage. Then, using the companion app, allow the person access to your garage and use the IP camera to observe them leaving your shipment safely inside.
  • Custom ringtone for each user - When a user signals the garage door to open, the central hub sets off an alarm tone, notifying anyone who is at home. Some companies let you set up a unique ringtone for all the users in the system.

Can a smart garage door opener be hacked?

A standard garage door opening system can be hacked in less than 10 seconds with a coat hanger, but setting up a smart garage door opener means intruders will need to hack into your WiFi network. As the golden rule for integrating smart devices to your WiFi, set up a complicated password with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Additionally, unlike a standard garage door opener, you’ll be notified if someone opens the door. If your family is on holiday and an intruder has attempted to open the door, the notification and the alarm will inform you and your neighbors. Furthermore, having a smart security camera set up in the garage allows you to record footage of the incident for further investigation. In fact, if the intruder notices the camera, the person may decide to leave rather than proceed with the burglary.

Bundle Benefits: Are smart garage door openers compatible with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit?

Yes, you can tell Alexa to open your garage door or have it announce which user is entering the garage. Most garage door openers are compatible with at least one of the three major voice assistants. Find out which device is compatible with your existing voice assistant. If you don’t have a voice assistant, embark on the path of the bundle benefits! Some of our smart garage door openers are bundled with voice assistants. This means you can configure smart lights, motion sensors, security cameras and all other smart devices with your voice assistant. Control everything with Alexa! Or let Siri interconnect your smart devices so that the smart lights on your driveway and the garage door opener knows your arrival routine and both then activate at the same time.

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