Smart Door Locks

Go keyless with a smart door lock

Automating your front door is a convenient and secure option to better your home security. Lock and unlock your door from your smartphone and keep track of everyone coming and leaving. They're simple to install with step-by-step assistance from the locks’ smartphone app.


What makes a door lock smart?

Smart door locks have motors and actuators that receive commands in the form of electric signals. Smart door locks can be installed over your existing lock from the inside and connected to your smartphone via WiFi. You'll still be able to use your original keys but you can also unlock the doors using a smart keypad, touchpad or smartphone. With connectivity to a smartphone app, the features are abundant.

  • Hands-free commands - If you have a voice assistant, you can give it voice commands to open the door.
  • Countless temporary virtual keys - Set up keys for friends, family, or guests. You can customize the keys to be valid for a certain period of time. This gives Airbnb guests or service providers access to your home during a limited time. No need to keep an extra key under the doormat.
  • Remote access - If you forget to lock your door before leaving for work, you'll receive a notification if a door has been unlocked for too long. At that point, you can lock the door from wherever you are. When you're running late to your own party, let your friends in via the lock’s app on your smartphone.
  • Activity log - Smart lock apps maintain an activity log of every time the door is closed or opened. They also register the code used to unlock the door, so you will always know who has accessed your home and when they did it.

Highlights of a smart door lock

All smart door locks aim to automate your front-door security system. Yet, they differ in terms of the installation process, design, connectivity and compatibility with other smart products in your home. There are some key benefits to consider to make sure you are buying the smart door lock that is right for you.

Deadbolt or lever-style

Generally, you have the option between a deadbolt or lever-style lock. A deadbolt smart lock will replace your current deadbolt. Most smart deadbolt locks only replace the interior components of your door so you can carry on using your existing key as well as keep that vintage doorknob. Lever-style locks commonly replace both the exterior and interior parts of your lock.


Some smart locks come with DoorSense technology. This means the app can let you know if the door is open or closed. It uses magnetic fields to find out the status of your door

Zigbee, Z-wave, RFID or Bluetooth

You're able to access the door lock on your smartphone because it transmits information to your home network via radios. Zigbee and Z-wave use a mesh network built on many devices that communicate with each other. Bluetooth and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) use radio waves from your smartphone Bluetooth ID and key cards respectively to signal the latch to unlock. All four methods use minimal power but need to be paired with a bridge to connect to your home network. There's only a handful of locks that depend on WiFi. These consume a lot of power and regularly need battery replacements. Therefore, you should be aware of the method of connectivity and find the one that is convenient for you.

Does the door lock work with your smart home?

Purchasing a smart device is an investment in home automation. When all your smart gadgets can communicate with each other, you get the true experience of an automated home. Locks that work with either the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit will be compatible with other smart devices that work with these voice assistants. This means you can pair the smart locks with smart lights, cameras, speakers and more. As a result, you can control these interconnected gadgets using just your voice. Schedule them to turn on or off at a certain time. Creating recipes like “Ok Google, goodnight” can lock your doors, turn off the lights, and close the blinds.

The makings of a smart door lock system

Smart door locks often come in bundles with other devices. Here are some of the accessories that maximize the benefits of your smart lock.

  • WiFi Bridge/Connect - You need the WiFi Bridge/Connect if you want to be able to control the smart locks remotely. So if your guests have arrived unexpectedly early and you are not home to welcome them, you can unlock the door via the app and let them in. The bridge also helps you stay updated on the activity log of the front door while you are at work.
  • Smart Keypad - Some smart locks come with an integrated keypad while, for others, you need to buy them separately. You can set up multiple codes for friends, family, guests, or service people. If your rent out your apartment to guests, assign temporary passcodes and schedule them to expire after a certain time.
  • Smart Key/Tag - A smart key/tag is an accessory you can add to your system to arm or disarm your security system with the touch of a button. Its compact design allows you to attach it to your keychain. With a key tag, disabling an alarm system is quicker as you don't need to use the key code every time.
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