Smart Cameras

Protect your home with indoor and outdoor smart security cameras

Cameras are no longer just for home security. Build a smart home security system with indoor and outdoor wireless security cameras to monitor pets, children, elderly families, as well as to deter intruders.


What are smart security cameras?

Smart cameras combine the traditional surveillance system with innovative features that heighten the security in your home. With one smart camera, you’re able to access live footage on your smartphone from wherever you are. Receive alerts when motion is detected, or speak to people on the other end. Smart cameras can be customized to record video at a scheduled time (like when no one is home) or when they sense motion which saves on storage and power. Whether you want to check on your dog while at work or survey your home while on vacation, a smart wireless security camera is a robust investment for your home.

What's the difference between the smart indoor camera, smart outdoor camera, and the doorbell camera?

Based on exterior design, it’s hard to tell if a camera is built for indoors or outdoors.

Indoor cameras are best used to keep an eye on your family, pets, or valuables while you’re at work or on holiday. Their small and simplistic design makes these cameras suitable to be placed anywhere in the house without interfering with the interior design.

Outdoor cameras are ideal for security and protection from intruders. Install them near each access point in your house and receive notifications when they sense motion. The weather-resistant exterior makes these cameras suitable for outdoor use. The bulkier design also deters intruders from breaking-in. Most of these smart outdoor cameras come with integrated night vision technology to record activities throughout the hours of darkness. They’re better for security than an indoor camera facing the window would be.

Doorbell cameras are a type of outdoor camera, but with the additional feature of being a physical doorbell. It can be installed to replace your current doorbell. The design has a camera hidden in plain sight to catch any potential intruder. Additionally, like other outdoor cameras, these include two-way audio, motion sensor, and are waterproof.

Features of all smart security cameras

  • High-resolution picture quality with a wide viewing field
  • Motion sensors
  • Actively send alerts if motion is detected
  • Live video-feed
  • Connectivity to WiFi
  • Cloud or local storage
  • Easy enough to install yourself
  • Interconnect to work with smart lights, smart sensors or other smart devices
  • Two-way audio
  • Weather-resistance
  • Infrared night vision
  • One-click 911 call
  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT compatibility
  • Facial recognition
  • Image stabilization
  • Video time-lapse
  • Smart sensors to differentiate between normal and suspicious movements

Wired vs wire-free vs wireless security cameras - which is the right choice for your home?

Whether the smart cameras are for indoor or outdoor use, they’re built to follow either of these systems.

TypeHow it worksIdeal for…ProsCons
Wired Security CameraIt relies on cables for video streaming, internet connection, and a power source.Large properties (big homes, offices or stores) that require comprehensive coverage.
  • Seamless transmission of live footage with no interference.
  • Less likely to be hacked.
  • A time-consuming installation process that requires a lot of cables.
  • More expensive to install.
  • No power = no security.
Wireless Security CamerasTransmits security footage wirelessly to a base station that connects to a WiFi network (wirelessly or cable) to transmit the content to your phone.Homeowners and renters.
  • Easy to set up, take down and move around.
  • Cable-mess free.
  • Upgrade, modify, or bridge with other smart devices like lights, locks, and sensors.
  • Vulnerable to interference from other WiFi connections in an apartment complex.
  • Although wireless, the base station connects to a power system. So, no power = no security.
  • Limited range.
Wire-free Security CamerasBattery operated cameras that use WiFi to transmit videos directly to your phone without a base station or wires.Homeowners and renters.
  • Easy to set up, take down and move around.
  • A power outage doesn’t affect it from doing its job.
  • No cables at all!
  • Depending on brand and frequency of usage, charge batteries once every 6 to 12 months.
  • Relies on a WiFi signal.

Questions to consider before buying a smart security camera system

Do you need an indoor camera, outdoor camera or doorbell camera? How many should you get? In order to help you decide here are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you choose the right smart camera for you.

  • Do you want cameras to keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work?
  • Are there elderly or children you would like to closely observe?
  • Do you have any rooms or valuables that require visual surveillance?
  • If you want to invest in smart cameras for security reasons, how many entry points do you want to monitor?
  • Do you want a permanent set up or would you prefer to have the option to move the devices around the house?
  • How important is it to have the night vision feature?
  • Do you want a camera that allows you to talk to the person who is visible on the screen?
  • Do you want your cameras to be powered by batteries or your home’s electrical system?
  • Do you have a voice assistant at home and would you like it to control your smart camera system?

State laws on residential video surveillance

Most states in the US don’t have any precise laws on surveillance. It’s advised to make sure your outdoor wireless security cameras are not pointed inside your neighbors’ home as that would be classified as an invasion of privacy.

At the same time, it’s legal to record hidden camera videos inside your home without a person’s consent. However, in most states, it is illegal to record with a hidden surveillance camera in spaces where a person expects a reasonable level of privacy (sleeping rooms or bathrooms). This is most relevant to homeowners looking to rent their place on Airbnb. In such cases, you’re required to disclose all cameras installed in your home.

As a general rule, it’s best to fix cameras in a visible location to scare off intruders. An unobscured smart indoor security camera is also better for the optimal use of motion sensors and speakers.

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