Smart Camera Solar Panel

Increasing the sustainability of your smart security camera

Switch to a sustainable power source for your outdoor wireless security cameras. Connect them to a solar panel and enjoy continuous video monitoring. No need to worry about battery replacement anymore!


Smart energy for your smart wireless cameras

Using solar power to operate your smart security system is what we call smart energy!

For those hard-to-reach cameras like the one placed above the garage door to monitor your driveway. It can be difficult to bring that down every time it needs to be recharged or to replace the batteries. So connect it to a solar panel and mount the panel nearby. Attaching a solar panel to a smart camera gives you the flexibility to mount your wireless security camera in those difficult, but prime, locations.

Solar power saves electricity by harnessing energy from the sun to activate the wireless security cameras. These devices come with long cables. You have the flexibility to position them to get the most sun exposure possible.

Only a few hours of sunlight a day is enough to power the solar panels. With that, it can keep the camera batteries fully charged at all times. During the day, the camera will run on solar energy, saving the battery energy for surveillance during the night.

The weather-resistant design of theses solar panels ensures that they can work in extreme weather conditions. You don't have to bring them indoors during heavy rain.

How do solar panel security cameras work?

Wireless cameras with a charging port can be connected to solar panels designed by the same brand. The panels absorb sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. The panels come with inverters that transform the DC into alternate current (AC). This AC is used to operate security cameras.

How to install solar panels for wireless security cameras

The solar panels generally come with mounting brackets and screws. Once you have decided on the best spot for sun exposure, use a drill screwdriver to securely place the mounting brackets. The solar panel will slide into its mount. Using the USB cable, connect the solar panel to the security camera. If you open the security app on your smartphone, you can see if the camera is charging. The app will keep you updated on the battery level of the camera.

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