Smart security accessories

Add flexibility and personality to your wireless security cameras with solar panels, rechargeable batteries, silicone skins and more!


Types of accessories

There are various different types of accessories available for smart security cameras. The functionalities of these range from adding covenience versatility, to customization and personalization. Here's our selection.

Smart Camera Mounts

Get yourself a few extra mounts for your wireless security camera. Place them in different parts of your house such as the backyard. So when the kids are outside and you need to monitor them from your home office, simply move the wireless camera from its current magnetic mount to the backyard one. These mouths are very simple to set up - either with screws, adhesives or nothing at all! Mounts that are permanently installed use screws or adhesives. Other mounts are designed with extremely flexible material to wrap around any object.

Smart Camera Solar Panels

Connect those hard-to-reach outdoor wireless security cameras to a solar panel so that you no longer need to worry about having to regularly change the batteries. These are also very convenient to fix onto a wall. Simply secure the solar panel’s mount bracket (included in the box) near the camera. Make sure the panel is angled to have a decent exposure to the sun. Slide the panel in place and connect it to the camera and it’s done! Continuous video streaming from your camera. You can check the charging progress on your smartphone app.

Smart Camera Silicone Skins

Decorate your wireless security cameras so that they complement the interior or blend in with the exterior of your house. Silicone skins come in a range of colors including camouflage. The material is UV and water-resistant, giving your cameras added protection.

Smart Camera Rechargeable Batteries

It’s always good to keep some extra rechargeable batteries for those cameras stationed in difficult spots. Whenever the battery is low, you have to set up a ladder and reach up, take it inside, charge it, and back up the ladder to put it back in place. Having a backup rechargeable battery is handy for these situations. Keep them charged and ready to replace the low-power ones.

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