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What is smart security?

Security systems that prevent burglaries and fires are nothing new. But now, smart surveillance cameras, sirens, and smoke detectors can all be operated using your smartphone or tablet. But it's not only the smart security system that's clever — installing these devices couldn’t be simpler. This makes it much easier to achieve greater safety and comfort. These smart security devices can also be combined to form a networked system. This gives you a smart security system tailored to your unique needs.

Which smart security products are available?

The variety of security products is very broad, including devices for fire and leak protection, as well as burglary prevention, and more.

More security against burglary with smart home devices


Protection against burglary and trespassing is a major topic with home security. It should come as no surprise that there is a wide range of products to choose from, including:

indoor security camera />

One of the classic security devices is the home security camera. With a camera installed, you can always keep an eye on your property — both inside and out. This lets you keep track of what's happening at home, including who's there. If the camera spots something unusual you will be notified immediately. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that surveillance cameras have a deterrent effect which can prevent illegal activity.

smart door look

Ever forget to lock the front door? It definitely happens, but an unlocked door no longer needs to be an invitation for burglars. Smart door locks are an ideal solution for this. They allow you to lock the front door automatically when you leave the house. You can also check whether your door is locked, anytime or anywhere. This means that unlocked doors are a thing of the past. Another benefit of smart locks is the ability to give different people access to your home without handing over a physical key. The access can be temporary, like for contractors working on your property, or permanent, for your family.

smart door and window sensor

So you opened a window or balcony door to let in fresh air but forgot to close it afterwards? This ccould certainly compromise your home security. Smart door and window sensors protect you from this by sending you notifications when a window or door is open for too long or not locked properly.

smart glass break sensor

In addition to open or unlocked windows and doors, glass is a weak point in the house that is often used for burglaries. Glass break sensors help to prevent this. They recognize when glass has been impacted and sound an alarm. Now you know immediately if a window is broken. These sensors are easy to install and don't draw attention to themselves, either.

smart motion sensor

Motion sensors are an important part of a smart security system. They register movements and, when triggered, send messages to you or a connected device, like an alarm. Now you'll always know if someone is moving around your home.

smart outdoor siren

Acoustic signals also provide strong burglary protection. They not only serve as a deterrent and scare away burglars, but can also catch the attention of neighbors. Now, potential break-ins can be prevented easily and effectively.

Safe at home thanks to smart smoke detectors

burning house

Another threat to home security is fire and smoke. Approximately 3,000 people in the US die each year due to house fires. Fire-related risks include not just flames, but smoke and toxic gases, too. Since many fires happen at night, they can easily take you by surprise.

Smart smoke detectors help to protect your home and family in such cases. They detect fire, smoke, and warn people who are present so that they can find safety. Especially in apartments, smoke detectors can play an important role in self-rescue. They are easy to install and discreetly designed. They also notify you on your smartphone about any fire or smoke — even when you're not at home.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that smoke alarms be installed inside and outside of every bedroom.

Smart against flooding in the house

flooded basement

Flooding in the home can happen quickly. There might be a leaking washing machine, pipe rupture, or weather change and, before you know it, your cellar is flooded. The damage can be considerable, especially if you don't notice it immediately. In addition to water's softening effects on building materials, mold damage can also occur and become harmful to your health.

A smart water detector does not completely protect against flooding and water damage in the house, but it helps to detect water in the house at an early stage. This helps you to take appropriate action and prevent major water damage inside your home.

How do I create the best smart security system for my home?

A complete smart security system gives you a safe, positive feeling even when you aren't at home. An optimal system covers all dangers in an efficient way and is easy to install and operate. It protects your home from burglary, fire, and water damage. The following devices should be included in your home security setup:

  • Security cameras around entrances (interior and exterior)
  • Motion sensors around entrances (interior and exterior)
  • Glass break sensors on easily accessible windows and doors
  • Window/door contacts on easily-accessible windows and doors
  • Smoke detectors in bedrooms and the living room
  • Water detectors in the cellar, basement, or laundry room

If you keep forgetting to lock the doors when you leave the house, a smart lock is also recommended. They have a function called "Lock and Go" which locks doors automatically when you leave the house.

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