A convenient alternative

Smart technology is great and we’re certainly massively passionate about it here at tink. However, sometimes it can also be useful to have another alternative. RunLessWire’s light switches work perfectly with Philips Hue smart lights, and give you the option to control them the traditional way.

Traditional but multi-functional

While these are products may appear to just be ordinary, old fashioned light switches, they actually offer a number of useful functionalities. For instance, through these switches you can power your smart lights on or off, choose scenes and even dim or brighten the lights.

Place them anywhere with an easy installation process

RunLessWire switches are easy to set up. Their wireless design means they can be placed wherever you want them, even on exposed brick. No technical knowledge is required to install them. All you need is a Philips Hue Bridge and the RunLessWire Click for Philips Hue switch. If you find that you’re unhappy with the positioning of your light switch, you can also reposition it easily and quickly, without any fuss.

Wireless convenience

A RunLessWire switch saves you money as there’s no need to hire an expensive electrician or contractor for its installation. The lack of wires also means you don’t have cut out holes in the wall to configure the irritating wiring system. A RunLessWire switch sends a wireless signal to a controlling receiver, with instructing messages to dim or switch the lights on or off.

The benefits of RunLessWire products at a glance:

  • Easy installation
  • Versatile placement options
  • No special knowledge or expensive electricians required
  • Multi-functional
  • No expensive damage to your walls
  • No wires and no batteries required