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Ring Transformer

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Works with Amazon Alexa
Main Features

Install the Ring Transformer in 5-10 minutes and control all of your existing non-Ring landscape lights on the Ring App, using the Ring Bridge (sold separately). You can also interlink these lights to your existing Ring devices, such as security cameras or motion sensors or even Alexa!

All advantages at a glance:

  • Smart controls for old lights
  • Weather resistant
  • Manage up to 200 watts of lighting
  • Bridge with other Ring devices

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

Not everything has to be replaced to enjoy the comfort of smart technology! The Ring Transformer brings non-Ring or traditional landscaping lights into the Ring ecosystem. Not only will you be able to control them on your smartphone, but now you can also integrate them into your smart security system. Partnered with the Ring Bridge (sold separately), the Ring Transformer connects all your standard outdoor lights to the Ring app. Set up night routines, maximize your security or simply use the app to remotely turn them off, the transformer is a great purchase.

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Product Information

  • Smart controls for existing lights: Ring wants to upgrade your existing dumb lights. With the Ring transformer alone, you can switch them on or off from your smartphone or even set a routine. So if you're on holiday, you can schedule your lights to come on at night to confuse thieves into assuming you're home.
  • Weather resistant: Weather resistant materials mean that you can install the Ring Transformer outdoors without worrying about electrical disruption, usually caused by rain, snow or storms.
  • Manage up to 200 watts of lighting: The Transformer can connect up to 200 watts of 12v/15v lights. If your current lighting consumes more than 200 watts in total, you can set up a second Ring Transformer to control the rest.
  • Bridge with other Ring devices and Alexa: Integrated with the Ring Bridge, the once-dumb lights can be combined with smart motion sensors or smart security cameras. Yes, this also means that if you own a compatible smart assistant device, you can tell Alexa to switch off the step-lights.

The Ring Transformer in action

In less than 10 minutes, you can control your garden lights straight from your smartphone. Mount the Ring Transformer to a desired location and connect the wires of the low-voltage lights. Scan the product QR code through the Ring app. The app will guide you through the configuration and you'll be done in no time! Smart lights are ready to be managed through your smartphone.

Integrate into the “Ring of Security”

When you hear smart lights for landscaping, your initial thoughts are “I don't want to change my current set up. I spent a lot of thought and time into the installation and wiring. Re-doing it with smart lights sounds nice but too much work!” Hence, Ring has come out with the Ring Transformer that replaces your old transformer. This smart transformer can partner with the Ring Bridge (sold seperately) so you can schedule the lights and connect it to your security system, all on your phone. No longer do you need to walk to your transformer to make adjustments to your lights.

If you want your lights to do more than illuminate your garden, create groups of smart lights and security cameras on the Ring app. The Ring Bridge acts as a multi-device hub so you can cross-trigger with other Ring outdoor devices. Combined with Ring Protect subscription, the lights double as a security system. For instance, if a motion sensor detects movement, it can trigger the yard lights, which gives the cameras a clear view when it starts to automatically record.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 8

The instruction manual is very informative and guides you through the entire process. Setup takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Product Quality 9

The Ring Transformer is a simple and affordable way to control both smart and traditional outdoor lights. It's also weather resistant.

App/Software 9

The app is a key companion that works alongside your Ring device. It both looks and works seamlessly to give you remote access to your connected devices.

Functionality 8

The smart transformer is an excellent choice to automate "dumb" outdoor lights. However, to connect to the Ring app, a Ring Bridge is required and this is sold separately.

Reliability 9

Like other Ring security devices, the transformer communicates with the Ring Bridge through a local RF network. So controlling the lights on your phone is as fast as a physical switch.

Design 9

The Ring Transformer comes in black. It's slightly heavy but half the size compared to other transformers on the market.

Data Protection 8

Data transmission takes place via a secure server and through your secured home WiFi network.

Value for Money 9

A standard 200-watt transformer is at a similar price as the Ring Transformer. However, with the Ring Transformer, you can control the lights with the Ring app and integrate with other Ring devices

The instruction manual is very informative and guides you through the entire process. Setup takes no longer than 10 minutes.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensions6 in x 7.8 in x 2.8 in
ConnectivityWireless connection to Ring Bridge
Power sourcePlug into a standard power outlet
Operating Conditions-4 to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C) Weather Resistant
Socket TypeWeatherproof Outdoor GFCI AC Power Outlet or Indoor GFCI Outlet within 3 ft of mounting location.
In the boxRing Transformer, Mounting Hardware, User Manual, Security Sticker
Do I need to purchase a Ring Bridge to use my Ring Transformer?

Yes, the Ring Bridge is the hub to connect all Ring smart lights, motion sensors and transformers to the Ring app. It uses WiFi to transmit information to your phone.

Do I need a Ring Transformer?

If you have been slowly integrating smart devices into your home, particularly Ring products, then yes, this is the next great investment. The Ring Transformer is a smart power supply for low-voltage wired landscape lights. You don’t need to replace your current lights. Just switch to the Ring Transformer if you want to automate and control them on your phone.

Will I need to hire an electrician to install the Ring Transformer?

The Ring Transformer comes with simple instructions manual on how to mount the device and connect it. If you feel uneasy working with electrical wires, consulting an electrician is always safe.

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