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Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight 2 pack + Bridge


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Main Features
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Controller app for Android devices.
Android App
Can be controlled via a PC/Browser.
Web App
Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
Amazon Alexa
This product can communicate wirelessly with other devices over an existing WiFi network.
Easy Installation

This Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight 2 pack + Bridge bundle is your starter kit for a smarter home outdoor lighting system. The smart Pathlights are easy to place on your pathway, sidewalk, or driveway. Combined with the Ring Bridge, they can be grouped with selected Ring products to enhance your entire security system.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Motion activation
  • Weather resistant
  • Interconnection with other Ring devices
  • Long-range wireless
  • Light sensor

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

This starter bundle with the Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight + Bridge is a perfect way to try out smart outdoor lighting for your home. These battery operated pathway lights come with motion sensors and are easy to position and install anywhere you choose. Connection with the Ring Bridge enables you to control and connect these lights to Ring doorbells, cameras and other Ring smart lights for more cool automation tricks. Whether you want to highlight the landscape features of your yard or to illuminate that one step everyone trips over, this bundle is a bright idea!

More details
Product Information

  • Motion activation: The motion sensors in the Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight can sense motion up to 15 feet. When you add the Ring Bridge to that, you can set up smartphone notifications to keep you informed whenever it detects suspicious movement.
  • Easy installation: Simply pop in the batteries and scan the QR code on the back of the devices in order to connect to the Ring app. Once configured, pair the smart lights with the Ring Bridge then name and categorize them based on their location.
  • Interconnection with other Ring smart devices: With the Ring Bridge, you can connect your Ring Smart Pathlights to Ring smart doorbells, cameras, and other smart lights. You can also connect them with Amazon Alexa to adjust settings. Among many custom settings, you can set up the smart cameras to start recording when motion is detected.
  • Long-range wireless: With the Ring Bridge, you can connect approximately 50 Ring smart lights and/or motion sensors. Spread them out over your yard and interconnect them so if one Ring Pathlight senses motion, the rest will light up as well.
  • Investment to expand further in the future: If you find that this bundle meets your current outdoor lighting needs, know that there's still ample room for expansion. You can invest in Ring’s smart cameras and extend your lighting to implement a smart security set up.
  • Light sensor: The Ring Smart Lighting Pathlights come with light sensors so it doesn't get triggered by motion when daylight is sufficient.

The Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight + Bridge in action

The Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight is an easy and smart option that's both practical and aesthetic in nature. Bundled with the Ring Bridge, it opens the gate for countless smart connections. The Pathlights batteries will last up to a year before a replacement is necessary. Even in the toughest weather, these devices are able to maintain a good connection with other Ring devices, thanks to the Ring Bridge.

A smart start for smart outdoor lighting

Whether it's to highlight your landscape or to improve your security system, this bundle is a smart start for future expansion. The Ring Smart Lighting Pathlights are wire-free, battery-powered, and weather-resistant meaning installation only takes minutes and placement is anywhere you want. Once you connect it to the Ring Bridge and create combinations with other Ring devices, you can't help but enjoy the sensation of automation. If you feel the drive for the perfect outdoor luminance, Ring Bridge gives you the option to set up more lights and sensors around your home.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 8

Setting up the Pathlights is quck and easy. Insert the batteries, scan the QR code to connect to the Ring App. The Bridge can be mounted to a wall and plugged in for power in just a few minutes.

Product Quality 9

The bundle is multi-purpose, containing products that are built to a high quality and standard.

App/Software 9

The app is a key companion that works alongside your Ring device. It both looks and works seamlessly to give you remote access to your connected devices.

Functionality 9

It can function as security for your home or to add extra ambiance in your backyard - or both!

Reliability 9

The Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight is connected to the Ring Bridge and with a good WiFi connection, the partnership is powerful and can send instant notifications.

Design 9

They have a sleek design that will neither stand out nor blend in with your yard. It's exactly what you would want for security and luminance.

Data Protection 8

Data transmission takes place via a secure server and through your secured home WiFi network.

Value for Money 9

A pack of two Pathlights and a Bridge opens the door to a range of smart security and safety features. It's excellent value for money.

Setting up the Pathlights is quck and easy. Insert the batteries, scan the QR code to connect to the Ring App. The Bridge can be mounted to a wall and plugged in for power in just a few minutes.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensionsPathlights: 16.93 in. x 4.13 in. x 4.13 in. Bridge: 2.34 in. x 2.46 in. x 0.79 in.
ConnectivityPathlights: Wireless connection to Ring BridgeBridge:Connects to Ring Smart Lighting compatible devices | 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Connection @ 2.4GHz
Power sourcePathlights: 4 D-cell Batteries (not included)Bridge: USB Power Supply (Included)
Available colorsPathlights: BlackBridge: White
Setup RequirementsPathlights:Ring Bridge Required for Use with Other Ring ProductsBridge: Standard Power Outlet | One Ring Bridge per household; supports approximately 50 Ring Smart Lighting devices
Operating ConditionsPathlights: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C), Weather Resistant (IP66 Rating)Bridge: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 48.5°C), Indoor install only
In the boxRing Pathlight, instruction manual for both the pathlights and bridge, screwdriver. Mounting hardware and Ring Security sticker
What is the Ring Bridge?

The Ring Bridge is the central hub that integrates Ring Smart Lights, Motion Sensors, and Transformers into your Ring System.

How many Ring Smart Lighting Pathlights and other smart lights can I connect to the Ring Bridge?

The Ring Bridge can support up to 50 smart lighting devices. These devices can all be in one group or multiple groups.

How fast does my WiFi need to be to properly use Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight and Ring Bridge?

Your WiFi should be at least 1MB upload and download speed.

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