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Smart home ecosystems

Make your home smarter and navigate all your smart home devices in one app.
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You want to control several smart home products in a single app? Then an ecosystem might be just the thing for you! In an ecosystem you can also connect compatible devices from different manufacturers.


What is a smart home ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a group of compatible smart home products from multiple manufacturers controlled using one user interface. The days when manufacturers lived in their own worlds are a thing of the past, especially in the smart home. But what does this mean? That you can set up, connect and control all the products in the ecosystem using one app.


How do I use a smart home ecosystem?

Compatible smart home products can be connected together using an app, making setting up your smart home easier than ever. This allows you to control the devices using just your smartphone to create a home automation system with preset routines and schedules. For example, you could arrange for your heating to turn off as soon as you open a window, or for a light to turn on when you enter a room. You can also connect these routines with your home security system so that the alarm sounds when a glass break detector is activated.


How does a smart home ecosystem work?

So you want to know how to build a smart home system for all your devices. you need to have the relevant app installed on your smartphone or tablet. All compatible smart home products can then be added to the app. It’s also possible to control the ecosystem from more than just one device.


How do I set up a smart home ecosystem?

In order to connect your smart home devices, all of these devices need to be compatible with the ecosystem. Therefore, you’ll also need a smartphone or tablet with the relevant app.


Which ecosystems are available for smart home products?

The selection of smart home products is constantly growing and so is the selection of ecosystems. These are the three most well-known ecosystems:


Google Home

With Google Home, you can control Google devices like Chromecast, as well as products from other manufacturers. Google Assistant is controlled with your voice, making it possible to manage your whole ecosystem using only voice commands.

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Apple HomeKit

The Apple HomeKit app is automatically preinstalled on all iPhones and iPads running iOS 10 or higher. You can add and control all compatible devices in the app. Additionally, you can also use Apple’s voice assistant Siri to give commands and carry out tasks.

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Amazon Echo

Amazon also offers an ecosystem in which compatible smart home products can be managed using an app. Commands and tasks for the Amazon Echo are carried out using a voice command given to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.

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What are the advantages of using an ecosystem?

✓ Everything in a single user interface

✓ Connect products from various manufacturers

✓ Automated routines

✓ Connect devices to each other