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Philips Hue Bloom – Smart LED Table Lamp


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Main Features
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Controller app for Android devices.
Android App
The product can be synchronized with other smart lights. For example, pre-defined lighting scenarios can be created and activated upon request.
Light Scene
Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
Amazon Alexa
Compatible with Apple HomeKit.
Apple HomeKit
Compatible with the Google Assistant.
Google Assistant
This product can communicate wirelessly with other devices over an existing WiFi network.
You can set schedules for this product to operate and carry out actions and certain times.
Easy Installation

The Philips Hue Bloom – LED Table Lamp delivers indirect ambient light around the home. With no installation required, choose from 16 millions colors to set the right mood. Control it with your smartphone from anywhere, or use simple voice commands for easy hands-free use.

All advantages at a glance:

  • No installation required
  • Responds to voice commands
  • Control with your smartphone
  • Requires Philips Hue bridge

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The Philips Hue Bloom – LED Table Lamp is great value for money. It's impressive how such a small device can have a profound effect on the look and atmosphere of living spaces inside the home. That's thanks to the indirect ambient light that it projects, which adds a soft glow to walls, furniture and other surfaces. Best of all, there's no installation required. The Hue Bloom is a plug and play smart lamp you won't be able to live without once you try it.

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Product Information

  • No installation required: There's no need for an electrician or any installation at all. It's simple plug and play with the Philips Hue Bloom, which can be placed anywhere around your home where a wall socket is available.
  • Responds to voice commands: Just like other Philips Hue devices, the Bloom smart table lamp works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. These voice assistants let you take control with simple voice commands.
  • Control with your smartphone: The Hue Bloom is not only controllable with voice commands, but also with your smartphone. Download the Hue app for iOS or Android and take control wherever you are.
  • Syncs with music and movies: Improve your cinematic experience or sync with your music and watch the Philips Hue Bloom take on a whole new rhythm.
  • Requires Philips Hue bridge: Setting up the Bloom lamp with a Philips Hue bridge is simple and gives you a range of wireless controls via the Hue app.

The Philips Hue Bloom – LED Table Lamp in action

Beam indirect ambient light around your home with this smart table lamp from Philips. Setup is simple without the need for installation. Once up and running, set timers, control colors and use it with your voice or smartphone.

Create highlights around your home

The Philips Hue Bloom – LED Table Lamp creates indrect ambient light, which allows you to highlight specific areas around your home. This gives the perfect mood-enhancing capabilities for you to add vibrance and character without having to drill holes or shift furniture around. All you need to do is set it down and plug it in.

Part 3 general recommendation: There aren't many smart lights on the market that can be so transformative for home atmosphere with so little setup. It's literally a plug and play experience with the Philips Hue Bloom and the great results speak for themselves.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Installation is so easy there's basically nothing to be done. Plug and play, download the app and you're good to go.

Product Quality 9

Very decent build quality with the Bloom. You can rest easy knowing it'll work day in and day out, plus the warranty will keep you covered.

App/Software 9

The Philips Hue app is clearly structured and allows you to get the most out of your smart lights through access to tons of clever, smart functionalities and features.

Functionality 9

Plenty of functionality beyond simply lighting walls. Timers, colors and more can all be set as you like.

Reliability 9

This smart table lamp will last quite a long time so long as it's used as intended.

Design 9

The minimal design makes it easy to place the Hue Bloom anywhere around the home. Philips has really thought everything through.

Data Protection 9

Philips Hue products use the well-established and highly regarded ZigBee network to ensure that your data is always kept safe and secure.

Value for Money 9

There is not much to dislike here. For a relatively low price you get a relatively high level of atmosphere and mood-enhancing light for your home.

Installation is so easy there's basically nothing to be done. Plug and play, download the app and you're good to go.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensions5 x 5.1 x 4 inches
Article weight14.9 ounces
Power supplyMains power
Bulb typeLED
Box contents1 x Philips Hue Bloom smart lamp
How do I use the Philips Hue Bloom smart lamp?

You'll have to download the Philips Hue app for your smartphone. A Philips Hue bridge is also required.

Is the Hue Bloom a portable lamp?

No, it plugs into wall sockets only. Philips sells the Hue Go, though, which is similar in design and also portable.

Can I replace the LED bulb if it stops working?

The bulb is not accessible unfortunately, but if it's still under warranty Philips will replace it for you.

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