Enjoy the convenience of a routined and scheduled feeding system for your pet. With Petnet’s smart products, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is always getting the right amount of food, at the right time.


Ease of use is key

Petnet’s smart feeding product boasts clever features that make it easy and reliable to use. Lockable and removable food containers keep the food secure and in place at all times and a dishwasher safe bowl means you don’t have to spend time manually cleaning the feeder.

Control and manage from anywhere

Petnet Mobile is an easy to use app that gives you peace of mind, wherever you go. Use the app to feed your pet whilst you’re out or set routined feeding schedules for when you’re on holiday. The app alerts you when your pet has been fed and when the food level is running low.

Hands-free, smart control

For even more convenience, Petnet’s SmartFeeder is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. This allows you to easily control the feeder through simple voice commands. Simple ask Google or Alexa to have the SmartFeeder top up or dispense more food into the bowl.

Modern design combined with intelligent technology

The smart pet feeder from Petnet boasts an elegant and sleek design that doesn’t look bulky or out of place within the interior of a modern connected home. It also features clever technology such as food level sensors, which ensures that you’ll always know when your pets food is running low.

Personalized feeding

Petnet also recommends a feeding and delivery plan based on your pet’s personal, individual profile. This allows you to have the perfect daily portions and servings, with regular and scheduled deliveries that ensure that you never run out of food again.