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Google Nest Cam Indoor - Security Camera (Double Pack)


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Main Features

The biggest advantage of these indoor surveillance cameras is that they plug directly into an electrical outlet. You won't have to worry about battery power and can rest easy knowing they're keeping watch 24/7. The camera detects for both sound and motion, instantly notifying you on your smartphone or tablet when it's detected something suspicious. This is particularly useful for when you're currently not at home, allowing you to react more quickly to a break-in or emergency. Setting up the camera is simple and Nest have also made it easy to move the cameras around to different rooms.

All the advantages of Google Nest Cam Indoor (Double Pack) at a glance
  • 24/7 streaming and monitoring

  • Two-way intercom

  • No batteries required

  • Night vision

  • Quick set up

  • 1080p HD Camera

  • Flexible stand

  • Constant recording (with Nest Aware)

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The Google Nest Cam Indoor surveillance camera comes with an integrated two-way intercom that makes it possible to personally intervene during a break in. Nothing beats the satisfaction of telling home intruders yourself that the police have been called and are on their way. The camera comes with a powerful microphone, so they'll be able to hear you even if alarms are going off. The two-way intercom can also be great for everyday family life. It lets you interact with your kids while you're away from home and see for yourself if homework is actually getting done.

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Product Information

  • Round the clock protection: What’s the point in having a home security camera if it can only keep an eye on things during the daytime? The Nest Cam Indoor comes with 8 LED infrared sensors, which allow the camera to deliver the same great HD footage at night.
  • Only the best: While most home security cameras make use of plastic lenses, the Nest Cam Indoor comes equipped with an authentic glass lens. This helps to ensure that your camera is always recording the highest quality footage possible.
  • Home/Away assist: Don’t want to get notifications when you’re at home? Simply specify your home address in the Nest App! It then uses GPS data from your phone to detect when you’re home, automatically shutting off notifications. It will then switch them back on when it senses you’ve left again.
  • Just the right angle: It’s not just the camera which is top quality. The camera’s stand can twist 360 degrees in the horizontal, and 180 degrees in the vertical, making it possible to twist and tilt the camera to get just the recording angle you want.
  • Don’t miss a thing: With an 8x digital zoom and a viewing field of 130 degrees, the Google Nest Cam Indoor doesn’t a miss a thing that’s going on around your home. The camera also delivers footage in 1080p HD, so any footage you have will be crystal clear.
  • Want more? Nest Aware is a premium subscription service that expands the capability of your two Google Nest Cam Indoor devices. You’ll get features such as custom clip creation and motion zones, while also making continuous streaming possible. When you activate your cameras, you’ll get a month’s free trial.

Google Nest Cam Indoor - Surveillance Camera (double pack) in action

Before it arrives

The Google Nest Cam Indoor only requires two things to function. For starters, you'll need a WiFi network that’s connected to a broadband internet connection (with at least 2 Mbps of upload speed). You can find out how fast your internet connection is by performing a speed test through an app or web browser or by contacting your internet service provider.
You’ll also need to have an Apple iOS (iOS 10.0 or later) or Android (with Android 4.4 or later) powered device that can support the Nest App.

Getting the most out of your Google Nest Cam Indoor

Making sure that your new cameras have the strongest connection possible is key to ensuring that they're functioning properly. Here are two things to take into consideration when you're setting up your cameras:

  • Making sure that your new cameras have the strongest connection possible is key to ensuring that they're functioning properly
  • Keep the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet switched on where possible and ensure that the Nest Cam and your device are on the same Wi-Fi network. The latter is of particular importance for homes who make use of internet repeaters
There's more than one way to place your new Nest Cam Indoor devices. At delivery, you'll get mounting accessories which expand the possibilities you have for placing the camera:
  • You’ll get a wall plate at delivery that allows you to attach the camera directly to the wall. Using the wall plate is great if you want to place the camera high up in a room in order to record the entire room at once from above like a traditional CCTV camera.
  • The Google Nest Cam Indoor comes with a built-in magnet, which makes it possible to stick the camera to something metallic. One way to make use of the magnet is attaching the camera directly to your refrigerator - catch that infamous fridge thief red-handed.
  • It’s even possible to screw the camera onto a standard mount or tripod. This can be useful for using the camera to make short videos for family and friends.

What is Google Nest Aware?

The Google Nest Cam Indoor’s basic features are more than enough when it comes to keeping your home secure. For those who want to get some neat extra features, there’s Google Nest Aware. You’ll get a month’s free trial of Nest Aware (with 5 days of video storage) when you activate your two Nest Cam Indoors. Nest offers three different subscription models, which differ only in the amount of storage they offer:
  • 5 days of video history (5$ a month per camera)
  • 10 days video history (10$ a month per camera)
  • 30 days of video history (30$ a month per camera)
Google Nest Aware also unlocks the ability to record footage constantly, whereas non-subscribers can only get clips of events and snapshots that Nest Cam Indoor has taken throughout the day. Regardless of which subscription model you choose, Nest Aware also unlocks these extra features:
  • Sightline: Sightline helps you to sort through your new extended footage by giving you an interactive timeline. This lets you see a breakdown of all clips that have been taken, as well as the time frame in which the clips were recorded.
  • Activity zones: An activity zone is an area of your home that you want the Google Nest Cam Indoor to take particular care of. This allows you, for example, to have the Nest Cam Indoor to pay particular attention to the front door, letting you know even quicker if there's been a break in.
  • Intelligent alerts: Give your camera an upgrade when it comes to warning you about potential intruders. Intelligent alerts make it possible for your camera to tell the difference between people and things and can even tell when a person has walked into the room.
  • Custom clips: This feature allows you to create customs snippets of footage to share with others. Why not set up the camera in your living room and create a cute montage of a day in the life of your family.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Setting the camera up couldn't be simpler. You'll get an installation manual at delivery that guides you every step of the way. Those who want to make of the use wall mount may need some prior DIY experience.

Product Quality 10

Nest have spared no expense when it comes to the camera's components. They've opted for a more traditional glass lens for the camera and manufactured its stand to be flexible. The connection to an electrical outlet ensures that it's always keeping watc

App/Software 9

With a simple and intuitive user-interface, the Google Home app allows you to manage and control all of your connected devices, as well as providing access to useful features and functionalities.

Functionality 8

Full HD camera that detects for both sound and motion. Each camera comes built-in with 8x digital zoom and night vision. Nest Aware subscription unlocks greater functionality such as person detection and motion zones.

Reliability 9

The Nest Cam Indoor delivers smooth, high-quality footage that's clear as day. Motion and sound detection also function well, letting you know quickly when either camera has detected something suspicious.

Design 10

Nest have really outdone themselves here. They've managed to make the camera somehow both largely undetectable and stylish - a real design achievement. The included wall plate is also in keeping with the overall design of the camera.

Data Protection 9

Google Nest devices are equipped with a firewall that is always automatically updated. Data is encrypted in accordance with modern, standard regulations.

Value for Money 9

A solid price for two powerful security cameras that will protect your home 24/7. The Nest Aware package brings with it continuous recording - a feature which would have been nice to have by default.

Setting the camera up couldn't be simpler. You'll get an installation manual at delivery that guides you every step of the way. Those who want to make of the use wall mount may need some prior DIY experience.

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Technical details

Technical details

Product measurements2.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches
Product weight313 g
Camera Sensor1/3 inch, 3 megapixel (with millions of colors) and 8x digital zoom
VideoUp to 1080p (1920 × 1080) at 30 fps, H. 264 encoding
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz (WEP supportWPA, WPA2 encryption required)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
SecurityAES 128 bit with TLS/SSL
Power supplyPower supply unit input power: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A
Power supply output power: 5 V DC, 1.4 A
Camera input power: 5 V DC, 1.0 A
Operating temperature32 to 104 °F
What's in the box?2 Nest Cam Indoor Surveillance Camera, Stand, USB Cable, Power Supply, Wall Mount, Nest Screws, Quick Start Guide, Introduction
What devices is the Google Nest Cam Indoor compatible with?

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is compatible with all other Nest cameras. Besides this, it can be connected with the Phillips Hue and the IFTTT App.

I’m not getting email notifications. What’s causing this?

Check and make sure that email notifications are activated in the app, and that notifications aren’t being blocked by your smartphone’s settings. The e-mails may also be landing in your spam folder.

How can I clean the camera lens?

To clean the lens, it is best to use a soft lint free cloth. It’s recommended to use either a camera lens cloth or a cloth for reading glasses.

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