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Smarte Produkte von Nest Smarte Produkte von Nest

Modern home security with Nest

Nest combines a wide range of innovative safety features along with modern design in its product line. The Californian company develops user-friendly devices that keep safe watch over inhabitants and surroundings for a more intelligent home.



haussicherung von nest

Why Nest?

Want to be assured that your home is safe? Nest devices provide exactly that and more. They let you keep watch over your entire home and will notify you by email should they sense danger. Irritating sirens are also a thing of the past with Nest products, and you’ll no longer have to worry about turning your music up for fear of missing an alarm. Nest products can be linked with compatible devices and, for example, with Phillips Hue lamps, make them flash red should Nest Cam detect an unknown person.

nest app steuerung

Home security in your hands

The Nest app gives you access to all your Nest devices so you can precisely control each and every one. A family account allows several people to access the app as well as receive notifications (either as push notifications or via email). Two-step authentication offers an extra layer of security for your data. The Nest app is available for Android and iOS.

nest - sicherheit

What makes Nest special?

Nest's mission is to combine security, a user-friendly interface and contemporary and appealing design. This makes the installation and use of Nest products intuitive and simple. Thanks to precise detection, warning notifications are reliable and accurate. Connections to compatible devices allow a system to be created where all devices are warned in the event of an alarm. Nest also places great importance to data protection. User accounts and thus personal data are strongly protected via two-stage authentication.

All Nest products are designed with the following qualities in mind:

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Compatible with other devices
  • Data security thanks to two-stage authentication
  • Modern design

Which products does Nest offer?

The Nest product range is primarily focused on security, with most of its devices therefore built for improving home security:


smarte Sicherheitskamera innen Nest Cam IQNest Cam IQ
  • Indoor camera
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Detects intruders
  • Night vision
  • Intercom
  • 130° viewing angle
  • Streams in 1080p resolution
  • iOS, Android
  • Connects to Wifi

Nest's indoor camera, Cam IQ, impresses thanks to its integrated motion sensor with person recognition and intruder detection. With its 130° viewing angle and 1080p HD resolution, you'll always have a eye on your home around the clock (also thanks to built-in night vision). The intercom lets you hear what's happening around the home, as well as allowing you to speak to pets, visitors and even warn intruders. Nest’s indoor camera connects to your home Wifi network, while the app is available on iOS and Android.

smarte Sicherheitskamera innen Nest Cam Indoor Nest Cam Indoor
  • Indoor camera
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Livestream
  • Night vision
  • Intercom
  • 130° viewing angle
  • Streams in 1080p resolution
  • iOS, Android
  • Connects to Wifi

Like its big brother, Nest Cam Indoor has an integrated motion detector that notifies you should it discover anything you should know about. In addition, thanks to night vision, you can see in realtime what's going on around the clock. 1080p HD streaming combined with a 130° viewing angle means that nothing escapes its gaze. The camera's intercom function lets you communicate directly with anyone it detects, be it a friend or otherwise. Nest Cam Indoor connects directly to your home Wifi connection.

smarte Sicherheitskamera außen Nest Cam OutdoorNest Cam Outdoor
  • Outdoor camera
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Night vision
  • Intercom
  • Weatherproof IP65 rating
  • 130° viewing angle
  • 1080p resolution
  • iOS, Android
  • Connects to Wifi

Nest Cam Outdoor provides optimal outdoor surveillance for your home. Delivering high resolution footage (1080p HD), at a 130° viewing angle (with built-in infrared night vision), you can see what's happening around your home anytime, anywhere. Using the integrated intercom function, you can communicate directly with the people it records. If something unusual should move in front of the camera, the motion detector immediately sends a message to your smartphone. It is also IP65 weatherproof-rated, meaning you're protected no matter the conditions. The camera connects to your home Wifi network, just like its sister products.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

smarter Rauchmelder Nest ProtectNest Protect
  • Alarm with human voice
  • Distinguishes level of danger
  • Detects source of danger
  • Automatic safety tests
  • Nightlight

The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector protects you and your home from smoke and carbon monoxide the smart way. In stark contrast to conventional wailing sirens, the Protect has a human voice alarm that calmly alerts you to sources of danger. It can distinguish between the level of danger (reducing incidences of false alarms), as well as locate which room a fire is coming from. In order to provide a high level of safety and protection, the Nest Protect keeps you safe at night with its nightlight. The device automatically performs several daily tests to ensure that its sensors are working. For even more security, the detector can be linked to Nest security cameras and take direct footage of any incidences that occur.

More about Nest

Nest's smart home security products are not only able to connect with one another, but are also compatible with third-party devices. These include:

  • Philips Hue light bulbs
  • IFTTT devices

Nest is committed to offering you clever home security while also adding a touch of modern style. Its range of security cameras and smoke detectors will give you that extra layer of security you want for your home.