Neato makes cleaning effortless. Their robot vacuums are truly smart, using advanced mapping algorithms to give your floors a deeper clean. The smart vacuums from the Connected series can be controlled in the app, allowing you to set schedules and manage your cleaning from wherever you are. And if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can control these Neato robot vacuums with just your voice.


What is special about Neato?

Other vacuum robots just have a sensor plate to sense walls. They ping pong around the room and have no real pattern to cleaning. Neato offers a completely different approach to navigation. On top of the vacuum is a spinning LIDAR sensor. This sensor spins and shoots out a laser that reflects back into the sensor. As a result, the device maps out your home and knows exactly where it has and hasn't cleaned yet. Not only does Neato offer innovative technology, but it is also the most cost effective solution when it comes to vacuuming.

How does Neato work?

Set up a schedule to your Neato on the app. You can also activate it by connecting it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home and using the voice commands. Neato Botvac’s powerful brushes can pick-up everything a normal vacuum can pick up, including pet hair. When it is finished cleaning, don’t even worry about charging your Neato. The device will dock itself on the charging station, plugged in to whatever socket is most convenient for you. Your home has never been cleaner, without even lifting a finger!

In the package of the Neato Botvac you will find: a Charging Station, Battery, Performance Filter, Boundary Strip (optional), Cleaning Tool, Spinning Brush and the User Guide.