Starter kits

Kickstart your smart lighting system

Smart light starter kits offer a complete foundation for beginning your journey with smart lighting. All products and devices you need are included in the kit so you can get going immediately and have the necessary groundwork to expand lighting capabilities.


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What is a smart light starter kit?

A smart light starter kit is a bundle of lighting products that includes everything you need to get going in the vast landscape of smart lighting. They can include a number of different devices, the main purpose being to incorporate what you need to begin building your smart home without having to buy any extra components or devices. Smart lighting devices often require certain accessories and configurations, so many times when one purchases a product, something extra will be need to be purchased to ensure proper functionality.

What's included in a smart light starter kit?

Lighting starter kits can come with an assortment of products in a variety of sizes. Depending on the brand, your choices of bundles will differ. If the lighting system requires a bridge or hub, this will definitely be included in the starter kit. The accompanying products included with the hub or bridge can differ. Some will have multiple tunable white bulbs or colored bulbs, while others will only have a couple of smart bulbs and maybe a switch. If the lighting system doesn't require a hub (it connects via WiFi or Bluetooth), you'll most likely get an assortment of bulbs, an added accessory (smart light switch or plug) and sometimes a basic voice assistant like a Google Nest Mini. The more products included in the starter kit, the higher the price.

How to choose the right starter kit for you

The right starter kit depends on what your needs are and how you plan to build your smart lighting system. Certain starter kits will cater to particular living habits, homes styles and more. Here is some criteria to keep in mind that might help you narrow down your choices.

Size of home: A starter kit with more light bulbs and devices can cater well to those with bigger living spaces. They'll allow you cover a larger area and continue to expand more easily if needed.

Plan to expand: Depending on what you're looking to get out of your smart lighting can determine what starter kit is best for you. If you just want a simple, smart solution and don’t mind what brand or system you choose, WiFi and Bluetooth bulbs can be all you need. If you're looking to expand you homes lighting system, then you may want to look at a brand that you find appealing and stick to them. These will usually have a bridge or hub included and a wide variety of choices and integration options. You'll also get used to the systems controls and always know that the products you buy will function properly.

Family: Starter kit with switches and voice assistants can be good for families and households with multiple people. If people don’t have the app or access to control via their smartphone, they can still make adjustments via smart switch or voice commands.

Light preferences: Whether you want to have a ‘regular’ smart bulbs that tune from warm to cool and dim or colored bulbs for a multitude of light combinations, your lighting preferences can determine whats right for you. Starter kits will usually include bulbs with the same function, so deciding what sort of light you're looking for can help narrow down options.

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