Outdoor Lights

Smart outdoor illumination

Light up your home’s outdoor areas with smart outdoor pendant lights, LED light strips, security floodlights, pathlights, and more. Choose from a range of white shades as well as a variety of color combinations. Easy to manage and install, these lights are perfect for extending your smart home to the outdoors.


Things to consider for outdoor lighting

Before you explore smart outdoor lighting for your home, it's important to go over a few things to ensure you don’t spend unnecessary money or time.

What outdoor lights are used for

The key question to be answered before you buy is to understand why are you purchasing outdoor lights. There are two key needs that smart outdoor lights fulfill. First, they can be added to your home for decorative and aesthetic purposes, like highlighting installations or adding personalized touches to your home outdoors. Secondly, these lights can help strengthen your home security with real-time alerts and motion detection.

Smart home intergration

Smart lights can be managed remotely from anywhere and you don’t need to physically get up to turn them on or off. To make this process more convenient, smart outdoor lights come with options to integrate them with other smart devices in your home. For instance, outdoor lights can be easily paired with voice assistants to enable voice control. Depending on which assistant you use, either Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or the Google Assistant, it's essential to check if the lights you buy are compatible with these smart home controllers. Additionally, you can also integrate them into smart routines using IFTTT.

Weather considerations

Depending on where your home is located, it's important to buy outdoor lights that can withstand different weather conditions in your region. Most outdoor lights offer weatherproof designs and humidity resistance. However, depending on how harsh the weather conditions can get, check the IP rating to ensure you pick lights that are well-suited to your home. IP or Ingress Protection ratings is an international standard used to measure protection against natural elements or solid objects.

Plan the lighting in advance

With so many brands and features to pick from, choosing the right outdoor lights can get tricky. Therefore, it's important that you plan where the lights will be placed, check for integration features, look into the specs for sizing and brightness, and only then proceed on purchasing them.

What are the different type of smart outdoor lights?

There are different brands offering outdoor lights for your smart home. Moreover, there are different styles and size options, depending on where you’d like to place them.

  • Pathway outdoor lights: Light up your pathway and driveway with outdoor lights. These are weather resistant and can be paired with your smart assistant for hands free control.
  • Lanterns: Lanterns: Revamp your home aesthetics by adding some smart lanterns outdoors. Not only do they add the classic, old-school appeal but they can also be managed easily with your smartphone, unlike traditional lanterns.
  • Floodlights: Floodlights are perfect for illuminating darker outdoor areas as they offer much brighter lighting than other outdoor lights. These smart lights are often motion activated, so they light up automatically when someone walks in or a motion is detected.
  • Light Strips:Light Strips: Smart light strips are designed for holiday decorations and special occasions. Using your smartphone or voice assistant, you can dim or brighten, change the color, set timers and more. These make a great addition to your holiday decor, with an endless range of colors and lighting effects to pick from.

What can smart outdoor lights do?

Of course, they light up your home outdoors but with smart outdoor lights, you get an additional range of smart features and functionalities.

Bringing your home outdoors to life with light

Once installed, these smart lights offer a wide range of possibilities for adding personal touches to your outdoor lighting. These lights can be customized to bring life to your BBQ parties or special occasions. Have friends coming over? Welcome them by setting the lights to gradually brighten as they walk in. Manage the lights, as well as change colors and scenes via the mobile app or your voice assistant.

Feel welcomed home

Set your lights to greet you as you arrive home. Some outdoor lights can automatically light up your front yard and driveway as you arrive. Forgot to switch off the lights when leaving for work? Just use the mobile app to take care of it. And when you're away on a holiday, auto-schedule the outdoor lights to make it look like someone’s still home.

Enhance your home outdoors

Get creative with smart outdoor lighting to make your home outdoors look unique and cool. Adjust the ambiance, according to the occasion. Whether it’s a big party or a romantic dinner date, adapt the colors and lighting scenes to match the lights for every mood.

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