Smart ceiling lights

Smart lighting from above

Often overlooked, ceiling lights are an essential element to a rooms ambiance, decor, and overall feel. Adding a smart element to your homes most essential lighting is both practical and stylish, rejuvenating your home’s atmosphere.


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What are smart ceiling lights?

Smart ceiling lights provide intelligent light from above. Whether regular round ceiling lights or a hanging pendant, smart ceiling lights add both stylistic and practical elements to a room. Controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet, these lights incorporate connected smart features to these essential fixtures. Instead of relying on just light switches and dimmers for control, smart ceiling lights give you access and expand lighting capabilities to include:

  • Control away from home
  • More comprehensive dimming
  • Color adjustment
  • Geofencing
  • Voice control (with compatible voice assistant)

Styles of smart ceiling lights

Smart ceiling lights come in two distinct styles: Recessed and pendant. Depending on your needs, these come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each style brings a different look and use to a room or area. They also emit various types of light, so depending on what sort of lighting you're looking for, each fixture produces a certain effect.

Recessed smart ceiling lights: Recessed lighting is a common, widely used style of home lighting. Relatively small and inconspicuous, these fixtures usually come in a round shape. This is ideal for low ceilings and areas where hanging fixtures might be obstructive such as a playroom. Recessed fixtures can be combined in a row or pattern to provide more expansive light to a larger area. Most of these smart lights come with a glass or plastic panel that is used for diffusion creating an even, well-rounded light. Thus, recessed smart figures are ideal for both ambient and task lighting.

Pendant smart ceiling lights: Pendant fixtures (also known as suspension or chandelier lighting) hang from the ceiling, protruding downward. These types of fixtures are usually found over countertops, in kitchens or above dining tables. Pendant lights should be installed in areas with high ceilings, usually over 11 ft so they don’t become an obstruction. However, if they're placed over tables or counters, lower ceilings won’t become an issue. Their style makes them a prominent piece to a room as they often add a decorative element to a home’s decor. Thus, they can be found in a wide variety of shapes, lengths and styles. They bring downward lighting which can be used for tasks. Generally used for ambient lighting, smart features like color alteration and dimming enhance these smart pendant lights to deliver an inviting home atmosphere.

How are smart ceiling lights installed?

Smart ceiling lights will replace your existing light fixture so installation isn’t too complicated. Make sure that your home wiring and surrounding ceiling area is in good shape as some of the smart ceiling lights can be heavier. All the ceiling fixtures will come with everything you need to install, you’ll just need a screwdriver. They'll have a bracket and screws to attach. Installing these ceiling lights, especially the pendant suspending fixtures, is easier with two people. Remember to turn your electricity off before beginning the installation process!

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