Smart plugs

Simple devices for a smarter home

Smart plugs are a simple solution for creating a smarter home. They'll change the way you interact with your home's traditional devices and appliances, enabling smart features for more control and convenience.


The purpose of a smart plug

Smart plugs are packed full of potential. Whatever device or home appliance you plug into it, whether it be a floor lamp or coffee maker, will benefit from smart control. Features that smart plugs include:

  • WiFi and network connectivity: This allows you to control plugged in devices remotely with your smartphone.
  • Set schedules: Program devices to turn off or on at specified times. Turn the coffee maker on in the morning or turn lights off when its bedtime. This can also be useful security feature, allowing for ‘presence stimulation’ which makes it look like you're home even when you're not.
  • Track energy use: Some smart plugs let you track the energy consumption of the plugged-in device. This can keep you aware of your electricity use and help you save money.
  • Voice control: Depending on the model, smart plugs are compatible with the leading voice assistants, so you can control devices with simple voice commands.
  • Surge protection: Many smart plugs include surge protection and send a notification to your smartphone or tablet when a power surge occurs.

How many devices can be plugged into a smart plug?

Depending on the brand and model, the amount of power sockets a smart plug has can vary. Many smart plugs offer one connection. If you want to connect something that uses a lot of power, make sure that the single plugs can handle the devices’ wattage. Other smart plugs offer double or multiple connections, enabling control over multiple plugged-in devices. These will have a higher voltage and be able to handle some of your home’s bigger appliances. They often look like a double power socket or come in the form of a power strip.

Are smart plugs energy efficient?

Smart plugs’ scheduling feature helps you create an energy efficient home. By scheduling devices to operate at specific time you lower the chance of forgetting to turn them off. This in itself will help lower your energy consumption. Some smart plugs will offer valuable insight to the energy use of devices so you can get an overview of which are consuming the most energy. From there, you can make the necessary changes like swapping out for more energy efficient bulbs or just getting rid of power hungry devices.

How safe are smart plugs?

Smart plugs are designed to meet all the standard safety codes of receptacles. Many smart plugs are often safer than traditional installed plugs as they'll include automatic shut-off features as well as prevent and notify you of power surges. Although caution should always be used when handling electricity, smart plugs are engineered with safety in mind.

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