Smart Lighting Accessories

Smart Lighting Accessories

Accessories bring added convenience to your smart home lighting system by providing more options for control and integratration.


What do smart light accessories do?

Light accessories provide support for your smart lighting ecosystem. Smart home manufacturers have taken the time to think about what may be helpful for your smart ecosystem, thus creating some useful products to expand possibilities. These accessories help control your lights, set schedules, monitor energy consumption, and more. Some can even make your home’s traditional ‘dumb’ devices smart.

Types of smart light accessories

Smart switches: Switches can be installed to replace your traditional light switches to fully integrate with your smart lights and enable full control. Although smart lighting enables control from your smartphone or tablet, switches allow for another access point without losing smart capabilities. Some are brand specific, meaning you’ll need the switch to be the same brand as your bulbs and fixtures. Others enhance any bulb in your home regardless of whether its smart or not. Smart switches can adjust brightness, save scenes, enable remote control and more.

Smart plugs: Smart plugs transform ‘dumb’ devices into smart ones by enabling more control and capabilities. These plug into a regular power socket and have an outlet of their own where you can plug in whatever home appliance you want to make smart. A corresponding app then allows you to control whatever device is plugged in. Remotely turn it on and off, create schedules and monitor energy consumption, all from your smartphone. A smart plug makes it easy to create a smart home, bypassing bridges, hubs and compatibility by giving you full smart control of nearly any device whether that be lamps, coffee makers, or other appliances.

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