Smartes Licht indirekt hinter Bilderrahmen auf Kommode mit Goolge Home Mini Smartes Licht indirekt hinter Bilderrahmen auf Kommode mit Goolge Home Mini

Smart Lighting for Your Home

Want to turn off the lights before sleeping, but without getting out of bed? Thanks to smart light control, that’s no longer a dream. Turn the lights on and off with your smartphone or a voice command, dim them, or change the light color. For even more comfort, you can set smart routines and schedules.



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Already in bed but left the light on? With smart light control, that’s a walk in the park. Turn off the lights with just the tap of a finger on your smartphone.

What is smart light control?

Light is ever present in our daily lives. So why not make it smart? Turning lights off and on, using energy efficiently, dimming, or changing the color — with smart light products and your smartphone, it’s all possible. Easily manage your lights with the tap of a finger or even just a voice command.

How does smart light control work?

Smart light control can work in different ways.

Smart light control with Bluetooth

With this method, your various light sources are all connected to each other and your smartphone using Bluetooth. This means that WiFi is not required.

Control the light with Zigbee

Zigbee is a special kind of wireless network connection that links your smart devices to each other. The connection is also controlled using your smartphone.

Lighting products are controlled using an app on your smartphone. The various manufacturers of light control products each offer their own app. Those who prefer to manage all of their smart home products with just one app should look for HomeKit-compatible devices.

What kinds of smart light control are available?

Of course, lightbulbs are the first thing that pop into your head. But there are also other light control products that can play a role in your smart home:

Smart light sources

From lamps and light bulbs to light strips, all of the usual types of lights are available. They’re energy efficient and can be controlled with your smartphone from the couch or even from outside the house.

Smart light accessories

There’s more to smart light control than just the lights themselves. Smart outlets, switches, remote controls, and WiFi extenders help optimize your lighting system and make your home smarter.

Why smart light control?

? Energy efficiency ? Control from your smartphone ? Manage from anywhere ? Simple and easy

Not sure whether you turned off the lights when you left the house? Or you want to turn off a light from your couch? With smart light control, none of that is a problem. Wherever you are, you can use your smartphone to check the status of your lights, turn them off, dim them, or change the color. Smart light control also helps you to save energy and use your lights efficiently and intelligently.

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