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Jabra Move Style Edition

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Main Features

Enjoy superior wireless sound quality, on the go, with the Jabra Move Style Edition smart headphones. If you travel frequently, these headphones are with you for the long haul. They’re designed for the ultimate comfort all-day with an ultra-light headband, that cushions and protects your ears. Listen to music all day with a battery life of up to 14 hours and 12 hours of standby time.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Ultimate clarity with DSP technology
  • Easy control buttons
  • Ultra light headband
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Non-stop listening

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

Experience crisp, clear sound with Jabra’s wireless headphones. Featuring Jabra’s signature DSP (digital sound processing) technology that self-optimizes to enhance voices and music, even in busy places. Enjoy music all-day long with a battery that lasts up to 14 hours, and an exceptional 12 days on standby time. Even when your battery runs out, or if you can't connect wirelessly, simply plug in the 3.5mm cable into the headphones and use them as wired headphones. These headphones are stylish, durable and perfect if you’re always on the go.

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Product Information

  • Ultimate clarity with DSP technology: Jabra’s DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology digitally optimizes human voices and music by minimizing echoes and increasing sound clarity. Enjoy music in crisp and clear quality even in busy, noisy places.
  • Easy control buttons: The on-ear wireless Jabra Move Style headphones allow you to manage your calls and music at the touch of a button, which is conveniently placed on the headphones.
  • Ultra light headband: Listen to your favorite music all day with an ultra-light, well-cushioned headband designed for your comfort.
  • Long-lasting battery: Jabra Move Style Edition wireless headphones are equipped with a long lasting battery. With a single charge, the battery runs for up to 14 hours. or an incredible 12 days of standby time.
  • Non-stop listening: Keep on listening even when you’re out of battery or cannot connect wirelessly. Simply plug in the 3.5mm cable included in the package and you can enjoy your music, without a worry.

The Jabra Move Style Edition in action

Jabra Move Style Edition headphones offer premium sound quality, that lasts all day. Designed with the DSP (digital signal processing) technology, these Jabra headphones self-optimize your voice and music by enhancing the sound clarity and depth. Pairing your Jabra Move Style Edition headphones is super easy. Just press and hold the on/off/pairing button, pairing mode will be activated as the light starts to flash blue. Then, simply follow the voice-guided instructions and it's ready!

Versatile, functional and stylish

The Jabra Move Style Edition headphones offer a minimalistic Scandinivian design, that is a powerhouse of crisp, premium sound and comfort. With a 14-hour battery backup, you can listen to music on the go for as long as you like. The 3.5mm cable, included in the package, ensures you have music even when you’re on flights or working with non-Bluetooth devices.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

The setup process is simple and the headphones can be paired easily via Bluetooth.

Product Quality 9

Premium and durable design for enjoying music on the move.

App/Software 8

The Jabra Sound+ app works brilliantly alongside your smart headphones. It gives you access to tonnes of extra smart features from adjusting the settings, to personalization.

Functionality 8

Ultimate clarity with DSP technology; Easy control buttons; Ultra light headband; Long-lasting battery; Non-stop listening.

Reliability 9

14 hours of battery ensures that you have music all-day long.

Design 9

Functional and minimalist Scandinivian design, with ultra-light headband for ultimate comfort.

Data Protection 8

Bluetooth is a secure and tested transmission platform which works to standard regulations to ensure that your data is always kept safe.

Value for Money 8

For the features and superior sound quality you get, this product offers great value for money.

The setup process is simple and the headphones can be paired easily via Bluetooth.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensions7 x 3.1 x 8.1 in.
Article weight5.59 oz
ConnectivityBluetooth or 3.5mm cable.
Power sourceLithium ion battery powered.
Impedance [Ω]29 Ohm ±15%
Frequency Range [Hz]20Hz to 20kHz
In the boxJabra Move Style Edition headset, USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable and quickstart guide.
Can I answer calls with the Jabra Move Style Edition?

Yes, you can answer calls with a single button with the Jabra Move Style Edition.

How do I stream music with the Jabra Move Style Edition?

Once you pair the Jabra Move Style Edition headphones with your PC, you can stream music directly to the headphones.

How many Bluetooth devices can be paired with the Jabra Move Style Edition?

You can pair up to 8 bluetooth devices with the Jabra Move Style Edition headphones.

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