WiFi Repeaters

How do I improve my WiFi at home?

Getting reliable WiFi in all parts of your home can be a challenge. You’re trying to watch a movie, the stream is slow to load, the connection keeps dropping and eventually, you just have to give up. This is where a WiFi repeater can help. If you’re having trouble getting WiFi to certain parts of your home, a WiFi repeater might be the solution for you!


How does a WiFi repeater work?

A WiFi repeater works by taking your existing signal, repeating it and transmitting the boosted signal. This allows you to get WiFi to those areas of your home that your router doesn’t reach, so you can have a WiFi signal in your garage, basement, yard or attic.

Where do I put my WiFi repeater?

Choosing the correct location is crucial to get the most out of your WiFi repeater. The repeater needs to get a good signal from the WiFi router in order to copy and transmit it, so it’s best to place your repeater somewhere where it can pick up the signal well. When you plug in your repeater, the LED display will show you the strength of the repeater, so you can look for the best location. Remember that walls and other electrical appliances such as refrigerators can negatively affect your signal.

What is a mesh WiFi system?

A mesh system is a network of interconnected routers or ‘nodes’ that work together to find the best system to supply the internet over a broad area. Rather than repeating the existing signal, each router supplies its own coverage, all under a single network. The signal is not weakened and additional nodes can be easily added to cover even more space. The signal then finds the fastest way through the nodes, meaning if one node is being overutilized, the signal will skip that hub so it doesn’t slow down. This system is perfect for a bigger home or workspace and great for guaranteed strong coverage.

Installing a mesh system

Setting up a new mesh system is really easy and straightforward. Just plug the central router into your modem as you would with any router. Then, plug your other nodes in and use their companion app to set up. It only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll have strong WiFi throughout your home.

h2: Some of the key features of a smart WiFi repeater

The beauty of a smart WiFi repeater is that it can be customized to your needs, meaning this a great solution for making life easier. A smart WiFi repeater integrates seamlessly with your other smart products. Using the accompanying app, you can exclude individual devices from your network during assigned times, set up guest access for visitors and set your parental controls. You can also use the app to carry out speed tests and add device prioritization and you can even use a voice assistant to control your smart WiFi repeater.

Why a mesh network over a WiFi repeater?

A WiFi repeater creates a copy of the original signal. Unfortunately, as the signal moves along the chain, this does result in a decrease in signal strength. This is fine for smaller spaces and usually sufficient for mobile devices but might not be best for heavier use like gaming or for offices.

A mesh network either consists of either multiple routers or one main router and multiple mesh-capable repeaters. This creates a single WiFi network with multiple access points. These are distributed throughout the space and there is no loss in transmission rate, making this a great option for large spaces. The connection is not weakened and the mesh network will always find the quickest path, so this is the best option if having a fast and reliable connection is what you’re looking for.

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