WiFi is an essential part of our lives now. We all rely heavily upon it and having an unreliable connection can be super frustrating. If your WiFi is too slow or has trouble connecting, a new WiFi router or repeater could be the solution!


WiFi is a wireless technology that allows devices such as computers, mobile devices and other equipment like printers to connect to the internet. WiFi allows these devices to communicate with each other, creating a network.

What can a smart WiFi router do?

Integrating a new WiFi router into your smart home can make your life easier and safer. Having reliable WiFi opens a world of smart home solutions, and some WiFi routers even act as a hub for many other smart items, such as security and lighting products.

Routers come with a companion app from which you can customize your WiFi settings. Using the app, you can control what devices can access the internet, set up guest access, and prioritize certain devices. You can also change these settings using your voice assistant.

Security is an important topic and having a smart WiFi router is a great way to improve yours. Guest access is a feature that allows users to connect to your network in a guest capacity, gaining internet access but not access to other devices on your network.

Having full parental control of your WiFi is also a valuable feature. You can monitor and control your children’s internet usage by grouping their devices together. Customize the settings and filter out unsuitable content or schedule a network freeze during certain times.

AI-Based WiFi is a new form of technology that is self-optimizing. It learns your habits over time and becomes more efficient. AI-based WiFi management also portions your network bandwidth according to individual device’s demands, rather than evenly. This means that when more bandwidth is needed, for example for gaming or streaming, it will get it, so you’ll always have smooth and reliable connections.

Why do I need a WiFi repeater?

Smart home products rely on WiFi to work, and it can be very annoying to not be able to use certain devices because your connection isn’t strong enough. For example, you might want to use a smart security camera outside, but the connection is weak in the yard, so you’re not able to get its full capabilities. If you’re having issues with WiFi not reaching certain parts of your home or yard, then a WiFi Repeater or mesh system might be the perfect solution for you.

How do WiFi repeaters and mesh systems work?

A WiFi repeater takes your existing signal, repeats it and then transmits the boosted signal. Unfortunately, as the signal moves along the chain, this does result in a decrease in signal strength. A mesh system is a network of interconnected routers or ‘nodes’ that work together to find the best system for internet connection over a wider area. In a mesh system, each router provides its own overage, all under a single network. You can add more nodes to the system to cover a broader space, and no signal is lost.

For smaller homes, a WiFi repeater is usually fine and sufficient for mobile devices. However, for heavier use like gaming or for big households with multiple users and multiple devices, a mesh network is the perfect system.

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