Simplifying your home living

Smart home technology is a varied and growing ecosystem with options for just about anything you want to do. With smart products, there are many ways to simplify each part of our lives, especially at home. Take the hassle out of your many everyday activities like vacuuming and feeding the dog with smart products!



Smart Plugs


Cleaning Robots

Everyone likes having a clean home but no one really likes doing the cleaning! Make life easier with a smart robot that you can control from your smartphone or voice assistant.

Smart robotic vacuum cleaners are usually small. Because of their size, these clever devices can hit the hard to reach areas that can be difficult with traditional vacuums, such as under chairs and couches.

You can control and set schedules for your smart vacuum using an app from your smartphone or through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart vacuums then use clever sensors to make their way around chair legs, tables, couches, and stray items. These sensors prevent the smart vacuum from bumping into furniture or falling off steps and allows it to adapt to whatever surface they are cleaning.

WiFi Routers

It seems almost impossible to live without WiFi these days but it does come with its pitfalls. Connections can drop or be slow and a bad WiFi connection can be irritating. With a new WiFi router you can reach the speeds you’re paying for! Smart WiFi routers can make your WiFi system as seamless as possible, while also adding features such as parental controls, device grouping, and content filters.

WiFi Extenders

If your WiFi connection is weak or not reaching certain parts of your home, a WiFi extender is what you need. Perfect for those areas of your home where the signal keeps dropping or is weak, a WiFi extender broadens your capabilities for a smart home. Add lights and security cameras in the yard, a garage door opener, smart lights in the basement, etc.

If you want to extend your WiFi over a large area of your home, then a mesh system is the answer. A mesh system is a network of routers that work together to find the best system to supply the internet over a broad area. Each router supplies its own coverage, all under a single network. No more slow downloads or blurry streams, a mesh network guarantees strong WiFi throughout your home!

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