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Honeywell - Security Indoor MotionViewer


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Main Features

The Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer extends your Honeywell security system to give you a better overview of your home. No matter where you are, if motion is detected, the Indoor MotionViewer records a 10 second clip in color and sends it to your phone. Thanks to smart infrared technology, the motion activated camera won’t notify you if a pet runs by or a ceiling fan is turned on. It is wireless, battery powered and with the flexible mounting options you can install it virtually anywhere.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Sends video alerts when it senses motion
  • Smart infrared technology
  • Night vision
  • Flexible mounting options

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer is a smart home security option that keeps you notified when you need to be. It's the optimal home monitoring system that intelligently puts a motion sensor and camera into one. With night vision, 2 year battery, and 24 hour detection is equipped to run reliably. The Honeywell Home app also keeps you updated wherever your are, making sure you always have an eye on whats important.

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Product Information

  • Senses motion, sends video: No matter if you are at work or on vacation, the motion activated camera notifies you with a 10 second clip of the movement on your smartphone.
  • Smart infrared technology: Don’t worry about your pet or ceiling fan triggering an alert, because the MotionViewer's smart infrared technology can differentiate movement.
  • Night vision: The Honeywell MotionViewer is equipped with infrared lighting and night vision for 24 hour awareness.
  • Flexible mounting options: Place the MotionViewer virtually anywhere with a variety of mounting options including an adhesive backing, wall bracket, or stand bracket.
  • Wireless and battery powered: No wires, no hassle. The battery will keep your MotionViewer running .
  • Honeywell Home app: The Honeywell Home app lets you get alerts and view clips. Geofencing will automatically set your controls when you come and go so you don’t have to worry about turning anything on and off. It will also give you control of all your other Honeywell devices.
  • Honeywell Home Membership plan: Honeywell's Membership plan will let you get more out of your devices with more storage, clip viewing, and access to multiple devices.

The Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer in action

The Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer gives you an extra eye on what’s important. With 90° field of view and no matter where you are, if the motion activated camera detects movement you are instantly notified with a 10 second color clip via the Honeywell Home app. The home monitoring system is also equipped with night vision and a 2 year battery so you don’t have to worry about losing power. Always stay updated on your children coming home from school and have an extra layer of security for nighttime.

Smart just got smarter

The camera watches over more space with a detection distance of 23ft. If you are worried about getting alerts because of pet movement, curtains blowing in the wind, or other false alarms, don’t be— thanks to the MotionViewer’s smart infrared technology, it can differentiate movement, assuring that you only get the important notifications. The videos are easily accessible on the Honeywell Home app.

Worried about installation? The Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer couldn’t be easier to install. You have three installation options: an adhesive backing, a wall mounting bracket, or a stand bracket. If you aren’t sure which one is right for your home there is no need to pick because the Honeywell MotionViewer comes with all three options so you can choose your preference.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

The Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer comes with 3 mounting options so you can find what works best for you.

Product Quality 8

The MotionViewer offers solid detection distance at 23 ft and a nice 90° field of view for thorough surveillance.

App/Software 9

Control all of your connected devices in a single view through the Honeywell Home app. Adjust settings, view timelines and bring your whole smart home security system together.

Functionality 9

No wires and a 2 year battery life makes the MotionViewer a hassle-free purchase. It works around the clock, giving you 24 hour awareness.

Reliability 8

With 23 ft of detection and smart infrared technology, you can be confident the Honeywell MotionViewer only picks up the important movements.

Design 8

The Honeywell MotionViewer is simple yet sleek, attracting minimal attention.

Data Protection 9

Honeywell has data security built into all of its connected products to prevent user data being compromised.

Value for Money 8

The Honeywell Security Indoor Motionviewer is a great option to give you some extra security and overview in a specific place. Its notification system via the Honeywell app is clever and will keep you up to date on everything you need to know.

The Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer comes with 3 mounting options so you can find what works best for you.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensions4.95 x 2.0 x 1.82 in.
Article weight5.82 oz.
Battery3 CR123A Lithium
ResolutionQVGA (320x240)
Inlcuded at deliveryIndoor MotionViewer™ | Wall bracket | Adhesive pads | 4 Fixing screws for wall bracket | 3 CR123A lithium batteries | Quick-start guide
Does the Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer work as a stand alone security camera?

No, in order for the Indoor MotionViewer to function you will need a Honeywell Camera Base Station.

Does the Honeywell Security Indoor MotionViewer need a power outlet?

No, The Honeywell MotionViewer is completely wireless and battery powered, lasting up to 2 years.

How can I view captured footage?

You can view captured video anytime via the Honeywell Home App with free cloud storage.

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