Smart Thermostats; Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats: convenient and energy efficient

Smart thermostats are the best way to heat your home to a comfortable temperature. Not only that, but they also save energy and money. They’re easy to install and use, with your smartphone letting you set the optimal temperature and heating schedule. This makes it warm and comfy at home year-round and without racking up heating costs – no matter which system you buy.



It's getting colder outside, but that doesn't mean your home should. Smart thermostats help you heat your home easily and conveniently while also saving energy.


How do smart thermostats work?

Saving energy does not have to be complicated. Smart thermostats are easy to install: they simply replace your existing central thermostat and connected to Wifi via the app. In the app, desired temperatures, schedules and routines can then be set – and adapted to your individual wishes. In just a few steps, you can have your home as warm as you want it.


Can I simply retrofit my heater?

Many people still believe the myth that modern heating systems are the only way to heat efficiently and cost-effectively. However, older heaters can easily be retrofitted with a smart thermostat. Absolutely anyone can enjoy the comforts of smart heating.

Retrofitting can be performed regardless of which type of heating system you have, as smart heaters work with all common heating systems.

More information about the compatibility of your heating system can be found here.

Can smart thermostats also be used in a rented apartment?

Radiator thermostats are, as the name suggests, attached directly to your radiators. This allows you to control the temperature for each individual radiator and does not require access to the boiler.

Data security for smart thermostats

As with all smart home devices from popular manufacturers, data security is also a top priority for smart thermostats. Your data is always encrypted using a standard similar to that of online banking. This keeps your information safe and used only for the purposes you decide.

Five reasons to use a smart thermostat:

  1. More convenience through easy operation and setting heating routines
  2. Remote control while you're out
  3. Save energy
  4. Higher efficiency saves you money
  5. Individual settings adapted to your needs
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