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Google Nest Hub + TP-Link HS103 Smart Plug

Google Nest Hub
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Google Nest Hub

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Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub



TP-Link HS103
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TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite (HS103)

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Main Features
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Controller app for Android devices.
Android App
Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
Amazon Alexa
Compatible with the Google Assistant.
Google Assistant
This product can communicate with other Bluetooth devices wirelessly.
This product can communicate wirelessly with other devices over an existing WiFi network.
You can set schedules for this product to operate and carry out actions and certain times.
Easy Installation

Experience the potential of the smart home with this Google Nest Hub + TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Plug (HS103) bundle. The Google Nest hub will be the anchor to your smart home and provide you with easy control thanks to its 7'' LCD touchscreen. The Kasa Smart WiFi Plug has the ability to give ordinary small electronic devices smart capabilities, so nearly anything from coffee makers to lamps can benefit from smart features.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Voice control
  • WiFi speakers
  • Several compatibility options
  • Control from anywhere
  • Compact, sleek design

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

If you are just getting into the world of the connected home, this is a perfect bundle to get you going. It's easy to set up and accompanying apps are incredibly user-friendly. The Google Nest Hub not only has plethora of smart features but a multitude of compatibility options so you can add and expand your smart home with different devices and brands. The Kasa Smart Plug is also incredibly convenient. Small and compact, plug it into some home devices that you use a lot and experiment how they operate with some smart features. For example, connect it to your coffee maker and wake up to a prepared cup of coffee every morning.

More details
Product Information

  • Say it loud and proud: The Google Nest Hub can make your day to day life easier and more convenient. Wake up in the morning and ask your Nest Hub the weather forecast or about the latest traffic reports ensuring that you always have the smoothest way to work. You can even get a news update while you make breakfast and prepare your coffee.
  • Assistance you can see: he Nest Hub is equipped with a 7" LCD touchscreen that allows you to clearly see the helpful information that the Google Assistant provides. For instance, make use of this when cooking as you'll be able to see the recipe on-screen and the steps involved.
  • Compact and sleep: The TP-Link HS103 Smart Plug is designed to fit intelligently into the socket it is placed. It will only take up the aocket it is using, keeping the other outlet free and free of obstruction.
  • Smart capabilities for non-smart devices: The Kasa Smart WiFi Plug allows ordinary electronic devices to have smart features. Simply insert the smart plug into a mains power socket, plug your desired electronic device into the smart plug and it will then have a whole new world of potential.
  • Google Nest Hub for music: The Nest Hub can do more than assist you with daily information. They can also act as music speakers. Google's compatibility with mainstream music streaming services, such as Spotify, allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes and playlists.
  • Convenient control: Controlling and managing the Kasa Smart WiFi Plug couldn't be easier. Download the accompanying Kasa Smart app for remote control from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The smart plug is also compatible with the Google Assistant. This means that you can use voice commands, through the Nest Hub, to control the device.
  • More compatibility, more options: Google's growing amount of compatibility with other smart home manufacturers means that you can use the Nest Hub as the central control hub for the rest of your connected home. From smart security cameras to smart thermostats, this handy smart assistant is able to control them all.

The Google Nest Hub + TP-Link HS103 Smart Plug action

Setting up the products included in this bundle is quick and easy. The Google Nest Hub just needs to be plugged in to a mains power socket. Follow the installation guidance within the Google Home app and you'll be up and running within minutes! It's the same process with the smart plug. The Kasa app provides you with the initial instructions. Once up and running, the voice recognition technology works seamlessly together through the Google Nest Hub.

Laying a smart foundation

This bundle provides the perfect starting point for your new connected home. Check out all of Google's compatibility options and continue to expand your smart home to new horizons. In addition, you can also add more smart plugs to your TP-Link ecosystem to bring smart capabilities to even more 'normal' devices. The Intelligent design and a compact shape means that multiple Kasa smart plugs can be stacked when placed into a mains powered electrical outlet.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Both products are set up within a few minutes thanks to the easy-to-follow steps in the app.

Product Quality 10

Solid manufacturing means the device is a joy to use. It looks great too. Solid manufacturing and great design: The device will slip in seamlessly with rest of your smart home.

App/Software 9

With a simple and intuitive user-interface, the Google Home app allows you to manage and control all of your connected devices, as well as providing access to useful features and functionalities.

Functionality 10

Voice control; WiFi speakers; Several compatibility options ; Control from anywhere; Compact, sleek design.

Reliability 9

The voice recognition technology works really smoothly and is able to pick up and recognize your voice even when you're standing in a different room.

Design 9

Both products have a modern, sleek design that will fit nicely into any home decor.

Data Protection 9

Google Nest devices are equipped with a firewall that is always automatically updated. Data is encrypted in accordance with modern, standard regulations.

Value for Money 8

This is a fantastic price for the amount of smart potential and capabilities that you will be getting in return.

Both products are set up within a few minutes thanks to the easy-to-follow steps in the app.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensionsNest Hub - 2.65 x 7.02 x 4.65Kasa Plug - 2.62 x 1.57 x 1.50 in.
Article weightNest Hub - 16.9 ozKasa Plug - 0.25 lb
ConnectivityBoth - WiFi 2.4 & 5 GHz, Bluetooth 5.0 (Nest Hub only)
Power sourceAll mains-powered
In the boxGoogle Nest Hub, quick start guides (2), power supply and cable (2), Kasa Smart WiFi Plug (HS103)
What voltage level does the HS103 Kasa Smart Plug support?

The Kasa Smart Plug supports a voltage of 100-240V.

Can the Google Nest Hub record what I say?

No, the Google Nest Hub and Google Home Mini will only listen when a voice command prompt, either "Hey Google" or OK Google," is used.

Can the Google Nest Hub be battery operated?

No, the Google Nest Hub needs to be plugged in at all times.

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