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Google Nest Hub Max + 2x Google Nest Cam Outdoor

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Main Features
Loudspeakers can communicate over several rooms and be controlled centrally (e.g. via smartphone).
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Controller app for Android devices.
Android App
Integrated night vision provides a good picture even with low light levels.
Night Vision
Compatible with the Google Assistant.
Google Assistant
This product has a hands-free communication function.
Hands-free Communication
The camera can be moved around or adjusted to alter the field of view.
Flexible Camera
IFTTT stands for "If This Then That" and is a service that allows you to link simple statements. Example: When I enter my house in the evening, all the lights should turn on.
This product is compatible with at least one music streaming service.
Music streaming
Two-way communication with the person in front of your camera.
Two-way Communication
This product can communicate with other Bluetooth devices wirelessly.
The device has a display.
Data can be securely stored on the Internet so that you can access it anytime, anywhere.
Cloud Storage
This product can communicate wirelessly with other devices over an existing WiFi network.
This device can notify you of pre-determined events via email, SMS or push messages in its smartphone app.
E-Mail/SMS/App Alarm
Via your smartphone, this product recognizes whether you're at home and changes it's behaviour accordingly (e.g. a camera could be switched on or the heat output reduced).
This product has a built-in motion sensor that detects movement.
Motion Sensor
You can set schedules for this product to operate and carry out actions and certain times.
Easy Installation

The Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Cam Outdoor are designed to work together. This version of Google Nest's voice assistant comes with a 10” HD touchscreen display, integrated stereo speaker and a front-facing camera with facial recognition. Configured with the super durable Nest Cam Outdoor, and its smart security technology, the features for your home security system are abundant! Not to mention the connectivity with other smart gadgets in your home via the Google Home app.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Voice assistant with 10” touchscreen display
  • 6.5MP camera with facial recognition
  • Stereo speakers
  • Weather-resistant smart security camera
  • Communicate with visitors over the intercom

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The Google Nest Hub Max + Google Nest Cam Outdoor bundle is as powerful as having your own personal security personnel. Google Nest has really gone all out on their new Nest Hub Max, packing it with intelligent facial recognition features via the new smart front-facing camera that magnifies the voice assistant experience. It recognizes you when you're home and gives you your evening updates without having to be asked. If the Nest Cam Outdoor senses movement outside while you are watching TV, you'll receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet. Ask the Google Assistant to stream the video and talk to the person outside.

More details
Product Information

  • 10” touchscreen display and stereo speakers: If Google Nest Hub could evolve, it would evolve into the Google Nest Hub Max. This voice assistant comes with a 10” touchscreen display with 1280 x 800 pixels, bigger than the Nest Hub’s 7”. The Nest Hub Max has two 10W tweeters on the front and a 30W subwoofer on the back, giving you a crisp and clear sound for your music or Youtube streaming.
  • Face matching technology for a whole range of smart assistant features: Unlike its predecessor, the Nest Hub, the Nest Hub Max comes with a front-facing camera. This opens up a range of new features, including face recognition. For instance, the facial matching technology can follow and zoom-in on you as you multitask around the room while video calling on Google Duo. Raise your hand to the camera to pause videos or songs. When it recognizes your face, it can provide you with personalized daily notifications and updates.
  • Transform your Nest Hub Max into an indoor security cam: When you're on holiday and want to check up on your home, open up the Nest app or Google Home app and turn on the camera on your Nest Hub Max to see if everything is in order. There's an LED light near the camera that will light up every time the camera and mic are active, so as to alert anyone in the room for privacy reasons. The Google Nest Cam Outdoor also has these LED lights.
  • One camera for your entire front yard: The 130° wide viewing field on the Nest Cam Outdoor is more than enough to survey your front yard with one camera. So you can set up the other one in your backyard and you'll have more than half of your property surveyed with only two cameras.
  • Motion and sound sensor alerts: The Nest Cam Outdoor can be connected to the Google Home app, allowing you to set up a routine. Set it to record video whenever it senses motion or sound when no one is home. You can also have your Nest Hub Max provide you with a daily report when it recognizes you're home at the end of the day.
  • “Hey Google, show the entryway camera”:So you're having a family night and receive a notification on your smartphone that the Nest Cam Outdoor has picked up on motion outside. Ask Google to live stream the footage hands-free. Oh, the pizza is here! Talk to the delivery person using the 2-way audio in your cam, ask for the bill and walk to your door with everything you need for the transaction. Fast and easy.

The Google Nest Hub Max + 2x Google Nest Cam Outdoor in action

Set up both the Google Nest Hub Max and the Google Nest Cam Outdoor by simply plugging them in and configuring them within the Google Home app. The Nest Hub Max will guide you through the installation process on-screen and it's set to become your home assistant within minutes. Control the Nest Cam and all your other smart devices using just your voice through the Nest Hub Max.

The bundle for ultimate smart home security

Manage all your smart devices on the Google Nest Hub Max and feel the comfort of hands-free control. Create a whole range of routines that combines your devices. For example, have your Philips Hue lights blink whenever the Google Nest smoke sensor is triggered. Or, have your Nest Hub Max notify you and stream the live footage from the Nest Cam whenever it senses motion. This voice assistant is not just for security but it can also transform into music speakers during a party. Alternatively, use it as digital photo album or ask it any question that you'd otherwise type into Google.

The Google Nest Cam Outdoor will save video footage for three hours at a time on the cloud. For longer access, you can upgrade to a Nest Aware subscription. Nest Aware isn’t just for larger storage access but it'll also give your Nest Cam Outdoor the ability to distinguish between people and things. Pick and choose between certain parts of your driveway to give certain areas more attention, with the option to edit and share your videos.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 8

The Google Nest Cam Outdoor is wired and thus does require a bit more time to mount and plugin. For the Google Nest Hub Max, simply plug iy in and follow the welcome guide and you're ready to go!

Product Quality 10

High definition video and top quality video sensors mean you'll never miss an important moment.

App/Software 9

With a simple and intuitive user-interface, the Google Home app allows you to manage and control all of your connected devices, as well as providing access to useful features and functionalities.

Functionality 10

Keep an eye on your property from your smartphone, control connected devices with your voice, talk to potential intruders directly via built-in microphones and speakers.

Reliability 9

Both are products from Google Nest, designed to work seamlessly with each other.

Design 10

The Nest Cam Outdoor has a very strong magnetic mount that makes the positioning very sturdy yet flexible in terms of field of view. The Nest Hub Max looks like a tablet attached to a stereo speaker, giving your home a futuristic feel.

Data Protection 9

Google Nest devices are equipped with a firewall that is always automatically updated. Data is encrypted in accordance with modern, standard regulations.

Value for Money 9

This Nest Hub Max and Nest Cam Outdoor bundle is a strong security and automation team for your home. It opens the door for more smart device connectivity in the future so it's certainly worth the price.

The Google Nest Cam Outdoor is wired and thus does require a bit more time to mount and plugin. For the Google Nest Hub Max, simply plug iy in and follow the welcome guide and you're ready to go!

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensionsGoogle Nest Hub Max: 9.85 x 7.19 x 3.99 inGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: 2.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 in
Article weightGoogle Nest Hub Max: 46.56 ozGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: 11 oz
ConnectivityGoogle Nest Hub Max: WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz), Bluetooth 5.0 and built-in ChromecastGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2,4 GHz (WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption supported), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), AES (128 Bit) encryption with TLS/SSL
Power sourceGoogle Nest Hub Max: 30W power adapterGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: Cable length: 25 feet, AC adapter input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.2A, AC adapter output: 5V DC, 1.4A, Camera input: 5V DC, 1.0A
DisplayGoogle Nest Hub Max: 10" HD touchscreen
Camera ResolutionGoogle Nest Hub Max: 6.5MP, auto-framing, Quick Gestures and Face Match technologyGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: 3-megapixel sensor, 8x zoom, 1080p (1920 x 1080) full HD, 30 fps, H.264 encoding
Night VisionGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: 8 high-power infrared LEDs (850 nm) with IR cut filter
Input(s)Google Nest Hub Max: DC power jack
Protection Class [IPXX]Google Nest Cam Outdoor: Protection class IP65 (waterproof)
Viewing Angle [°]Google Nest Hub Max: 127° field of viewGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: 130° wide-angle (diagonal)
Operating Temp [C°]Google Nest Cam Outdoor: -4°F to 104°F
In the boxGoogle Nest Hub Max: Google Nest Hub Max, power adapter, quick start guide, safety & warranty bookletGoogle Nest Cam Outdoor: 2x Nest Cam Outdoor security camera, Mounting magnet, Camera wall plate, Power adapter, Adapter wall plate, Nest screws, Wall anchors, Cable clips, Installation Guide, Welcome Guide
Is the Google Nest Hub Max's camera and microphone always listening and recording?

No, both the camera and the mics can be turned off through the switch on the back of the device. When the camera or mic is in use, an LED light beside the camera will turn green to alert the people in the area know.

Can I use the Google Nest Cam Outdoor without a subscription to Google Nest Aware?

Yes. In this case, motion-activated video clips will only be saved for 3 hours in the cloud. Full footage is not available without a subscription.

Can the Google Nest Hub Max work wirelessly?

No, the Google Nest Hub Max has to be plugged in as it doesn't have a rechargeable battery.

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