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Google Home Mini

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Main Features
Loudspeakers can communicate over several rooms and be controlled centrally (e.g. via smartphone).
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Controller app for Android devices.
Android App
Compatible with the Google Assistant.
Google Assistant
This product is compatible with at least one music streaming service.
Music streaming
This product can communicate wirelessly with other devices over an existing WiFi network.
Easy Installation

The Google Home Mini is a tiny speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Along with its older siblings, the Google Nest Hub and Home Max, you can control your smart home using only your voice. Using the voice command "OK Google" you can switch on your lights, play music, take notes, or ask about the current traffic situation on your daily commute.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Smaller version of the Google Nest Hub and Home Max
  • Integrated voice-control through the Google Assistant
  • Fully control and manage your smart home
  • Speaker for music

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The Google Home Mini is the smaller version of the hands-free smart speaker Google has developed for the connected home market. Its most impressive feature is how well it works with the Google Chromecast. Using simple voice commands such as "Ok Google", streaming services like Netflix can be viewed directly on your normal TV. Additional highlights include access to news services, integration with the Google Calendar, and the home assistant that can be used to control other smart devices. This but just a selection - the Google Home Mini has tons of Easter eggs for curious and playful users to discover.

More details
Product Information
  • Extensive database: Google Home Mini has direct access to the largest database on the planet. It can answer questions on a variety of topics, including information about calories or measurement conversions.
  • Personalize it: Want to know how far away a particular destination is from your home without having to re-enter your address each time? Just tell Google Home Mini your home address - it can even provide you with trafficinformation for your journey.
  • Protects your data: Since it's Google's top priority to keep your data safe, all data is stored according to the strictest data protection guidelines. You can also mute Google Home Mini's microphone at any time.
  • High-quality microphone: You don't have to be standing right beside Google Assistant for it to hear you. Google Home Mini's microphone can even recognize your voice commands when you're in another room.
  • Plays back your music: Google Home Mini isn't just a search engine and personal assistant, it can also play your favorite music. It can stream from popular streaming services such as Spotify, Google Play Music and TuneIn. You can also store your favorite radio stations and play them on demand.
  • Intuitive Control: Google Home Mini is primarily controlled using your voice, but there also some touch control options available on its panel for changing the volume and muting the microphone.
  • More partners every day: Google Assistant can also be used to control your other Smart Home products by voice command. Using the Philips Hue Bridge and Google Home Mini, you can control your JBL lights or smart speakers using your voice. The list of compatible products and services is always expanding.

You can currently control these types of products using Google Home Mini:

  • Thermostats
  • Heating system
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart TVs
  • Light switches
  • Streaming services
  • Speakers

Here you'll find a list of compatible partners and products.

  • Google Home for iOS and Android: Google Home is available for both iOS and Android, so you can control it with virtually any smartphone.

  • How is the product different from Google Home: Google Home Mini and Google Home differ only in size and in the number of manual controls available. Both products have the same capabilities, the same amount of compatibility and can be used in the same way.

  Google Home Mini Google Home
Size Diameter: 3.9 in.
Height: 1.65 in.
Diameter: 3.78 in.
Height: 5.63 in.
Depth of knowledge Deep (thanks to Google's database) Deep (thanks to Google's database)
Manual control Volume control on the side of the device Touch control on top of the device
Areas of use Personal assistant, smart home control, loud speaker Personal assistant, smart home control, loud speaker
Voice recognition 360° Far Field Voice Recognition 360° Far Field Voice Recognition

The Google Home Mini in action

Small, yet mighty

Google Home Mini shows home assistants don't always have to be large in order to be in charge, and boasts a search engine, calendar, speaker and voice-activated assistant in one compact package. All it takes is one simple voice command to get accurate and detailed information.

Google Home Mini - a powerful speaker

We were blown away by the sound quality the Google Home delivered, and the Home Mini has shown yet again that Google should be taken seriously on the audio market. It breaks away from the expectation that smaller speakers offer poor sound quality, delivering deep bass and crisp treble (even at higher volumes).

Software update delivers manual control

A software update now allows you to control Google Home Mini by simply tapping on the side of the device (not on the top of the device as was the case before). You can now also switch off the microphone simply by tapping on the back of the device. The Home Mini will then light up orange and no longer respond to commands such as "Ok, Google" or "Hey, Google".

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Once your Google Home Mini device has been detected, you'll be guided step-by-step via an intuitive interface. You can add your devices to the Google Home App with just one tap.

Product Quality 10

The smart voice assistant makes use of Google's extensive database. You can use voice commands to get the latest news, as well as directions via Google Maps.

App/Software 9

With a simple and intuitive user-interface, the Google Home app allows you to manage and control all of your connected devices, as well as providing access to useful features and functionalities.

Functionality 9

Google Home Mini lets you control streaming services, Philips Hue lights, Netatmo Thermostats (and more) via voice command. New compatible products and partners are constantly being added.

Reliability 9

Speech and voice recognition worked well during our tests. Although the assistant can only answer certain pre-defined questions, the Google Assistant does its best to guide towards a compatible question if it can't understand your current request.

Design 9

You can get the Google Home Mini in rock candy, charcoal or coral designs. These simple yet elegant color schemes blend into a variety of different home interiors.

Data Protection 9

Google Nest devices are equipped with a firewall that is always automatically updated. Data is encrypted in accordance with modern, standard regulations.

Value for Money 9

Despite being significantly smaller in stature, Google Home Mini offers almost all the functionality of its bigger brother, combining a personal assistant, smart home control center, and speaker in one small device.

Once your Google Home Mini device has been detected, you'll be guided step-by-step via an intuitive interface. You can add your devices to the Google Home App with just one tap.

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Technical details

Technical details

Product dimensions
Diameter: 3.86 in.
Height: 1.65 in.
Power cable: 4.92 in.
Device: 6.10 oz
Adapter and cable: 2.65 oz.
MaterialsDurable fabric top, non-skid silicone base
High excursion loudspeaker with 2-inch driver and dual 2-inch passive radiators
Far-field voice recognition
Supported audio formatsHE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), FLAC with support for higher-quality streams
Wireless networkWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz/5GHz)
Power supply5V, 1.8 A power supply unit
Inputs & PortsMicro-USB Port (for power supply and support only)
Supported operating systemsAndroid 4.4 (or later), iOS 9.1 (or later)
Included at deliveryGoogle Home Mini, quick start guide, power supply and cable
What devices is the Google Home compatible with?

The Google Home can be set up and operated using Apple (with iOS 9.1 or later) or Android (with Android 4.4 or later) devices.

Which manufactures is the Google Home Mini compatible with?

Google is continually expanding its range of compatible partners. Currently, products from the following manufacturers can be used with the Google Home Mini:

  • Philips Hue
  • JBL
  • Teufel Raumfeld
  • Sony
  • Nanoleaf
  • Osram
  • Google Chromecast
  • tado°
  • Netatmo

Find out more about compatible products on the Google Home System Page

Which streaming services are currently supported by Google Home Mini?

Currently, the following streaming services are supported by Google Home Mini:

  • Spotify (Free and Premium)
  • TuneIn
  • Netflix
  • Google Play Music
  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • Youtube Music

Note: Google Home Mini is optimized for certain music and audio services only. Using these services in conjunction with the Google Home may require a subscription or one-time fee.

Can I use the Google Home Mini to make phone calls?

Making telephone calls with the device is supported in both the US and Canada.

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