Discover the best functionalities and products Google Assistant has to offer!

Google Assistant is integrated into smart home products that are just as clever as its search engine. These intelligent devices help to simplify your everyday life while opening up a range of new possibilities – whether it's voice control, better wireless connectivity, or streaming your favourite TV shows. Google Assistant adds more comfort to your smart home.

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Why do I need the Google Assistant?

Want to turn off the light without getting out of bed, or even touching your phone? That's easy! With the Google Assistant, you can control your smart home using simple voice commands. Offering not only convenience, Google Assistant smart products can do a lot more, including offering a better entertainment experience thanks to Google Chromecast. This device makes regular TVs smart and, when used together with the voice-controlled Google Assistant, it has never been easier to stream your favorite movies and TV series.

What’s so special about Google's ecosystem?

Google Assistant smart home products are impressive not only because of their easy installation and broad functionality, but also because of their modern, minimal design. Thanks to Google's extensive compatibility with other brands and products, along with a breath of how-to information for every scenario, you can make your daily routine easier than ever before. Case in point: hear a recipe being read to you in the kitchen as you switch off the lights in the kids' bedroom, all while streaming the latest episode of your favorite TV series.

Setting up your Google Assistant - how it works

Own an Android smartphone? Brilliant! Then all the necessary apps that you'll need are already built into your smartphone. If you’re an iOS user, you’ll need to download both the Google Assistant app and the Google Home app.

Open up the Google Home app to get your smart home up and running. You have two options here. Either you can add your existing smart home products directly into the app, or you can create a link to the online accounts of these smart devices.

You can also setup and create links to your music and video streaming accounts in the same way. This will allow you to use the Google Assistant to play your favorite playlists on Spotify for example.

How to use Google Assistant voice commands

To activate and bring your Google Assistant to life, you’ll need to use voice command prompts. Either “OK Google” or “Hey Google” will waken this smart assistant and it will then follow your voice instructions. Experiment with it, ask it to play music, give you the latest weather forecast or give you directions. Smartphones and apps are no longer needed so sit back and enjoy convenient, hands-free control!

Get the most out of Google Assistant

With a voice assistant you can’t only run search queries or listen to music using voice commands, but also control your smart devices. Voice assistants are more popular than ever right now. Currently, 63% of people who use voice assistants are also controlling their smart homes using only their voices.

What can you do with voice commands?

  • Use various streaming services
  • Change volume
  • Change songs
  • Set the temperature
  • Make legacy products smart
  • Turn power supply on and off
  • Turn the lights on and off
  • Dim the lights
  • Change lighting color

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant boasts an extensive database of information that is always at the ready for its users. But Amazon also offers a device with voice assistance. What are the differences between the two?

 Google AssistantAmazon Alexa
SystemOpenPartially closed
Search EngineGoogleBing
Content DepthHighLow
Personalization07D58930-5438-4739-A30C-130B45873ED7svg/Created with sketchtool. 07D58930-5438-4739-A30C-130B45873ED7svg/Created with sketchtool.
Speaker QualityMiddleMiddle
Build QualityHighMiddle
Design QualityHighMiddle
Manually Disable Microphone07D58930-5438-4739-A30C-130B45873ED7svg/Created with sketchtool. 07D58930-5438-4739-A30C-130B45873ED7svg/Created with sketchtool.
Touchpad07D58930-5438-4739-A30C-130B45873ED7svg/Created with sketchtool.
Multiroom Functionality07D58930-5438-4739-A30C-130B45873ED7svg/Created with sketchtool.

Google Assistant devices use Google search, while Amazon Alexa uses Bing as its search engine. Google Assistant devices also use an open search system in which the best search results, without preference given to provider, are displayed. Amazon Alexa products use a directed search system.

If you look at the content depth of answers each assistant provides, there are also differences. Products that use the Google Assistant software give detailed and broad answers, while Amazon Alexa answers are simple and brief. Voice recognition, and therefore the personalized benefits on offer, is mature in both softwares and makes them easy to use. With its high excursion speaker, the Google Home for example, provides clear highs and powerful bass, while Amazon Echo includes a speaker with a tweeter and woofer for maximum volume.

Being precision-designed, sophisticated software, Google Assistant is a high quality choice. Amazon Alexa is comparatively middle class. Products such as the Google Home boast a sleek, modern and elegant design that makes it look great in every interior. Amazon has kept the design of its Echo more futuristic and technical. Both devices are compatible with other speakers and products. If you do not always want to use your voice assistant, you can manually switch off the microphone for both products and thus switch off speech recognition.

The Google smart home ecosystem

Ever dreamed of turning on the lights just by using your voice? A Google Assistant smart home ecosystem makes this dream a reality. Create your own personalized ecosystem in which you can control compatible smart products with voice commands. This lets you turn your lights on and off, change the temperature or operate your home security system - all with a simple "OK Google" or “Hey Google.” You can build this ecosystem through products such as the Google Home, Google Home Mini or Google Home Max.

What's the big deal with a Google Assistant smart home ecosystem

A Google Assistant smart home ecosystem implies one thing - you no longer need a smartphone to navigate your smart devices. Thanks to voice recognition you can do this easily and conveniently using commands. Switch the light on or off, change the temperature, and much more.

“OK Google, dim the lights in the kitchen.”

“Hey Google, how's the weather this evening in San Francisco?”

You won’t only experience the convenience of using voice commands in just one room of your home. Multi-room function and speech recognition mean that you can also use your voice commands from a distance, even a different room. Connect your compatible speaker to a Google Assistant product and control it with your voice, allowing you to play your favorite tunes with a simple voice command.

“OK Google, play music.”

“Hey, Google, pause the living room speakers.”

Google Assistant has even more features to make your daily life easier. You can synchronize it with your day planner, do online shopping and check travel information.

“OK Google, what do I have on today?”

“Hey, Google, how long will it take me to get to work?”

“OK Google, what is a good substitute for cardamom?”

“Hey Google, how do you say "see you later" in German?”

Which brands and products is Google Assistant compatible with?

  • Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Camera
  • In connection with Google Chromecast

  • Google Nest Protect - Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Google Nest Cam Outdoor - Outdoor Camera
  • Google Nest Cam Indoor - Indoor Camera

Controllable with Philips Hue Bridge

  • Philips Hue White and Color GU10 Spot
  • Philips Hue White Ambiance E26 Lamp Extension
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance E26 LampExtension
  • Philips Hue White Ambiance E12 Lamp Extension
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance E12 Lamp Extension
  • Philips Hue Runner LED
  • Philips Hue Pillar LED
  • Philips Hue Phoenix LED
  • Philips Hue Cher LED
  • Philips Hue White Ambiance
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance
  • Mini White
  • Mini Day & Dusk
  • Mini Color
  • Wi-Fi Tile Kit
  • Wi-Fi Beam Kit
  • Z LED Kit
  • Color BR30 & BR30+ Light
  • Color A19 & A19+ Light
  • iDevices Instant Switch
  • iDevices Switch
  • iDevices Dimmer Switch
  • iDevices Wall Outlet
  • iDevices Thermostat
  • iDevices Socket
  • iDevices Wall Switch
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Chromecast Ultra
  • Google Chromecast Audio

Controllable with Belkin Wemo Bridge

  • Belkin Wemo Insight Smart Plug
  • Belkin Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer
  • Belkin Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch
  • D-Link DSP-W24 Power Board
  • D-Link Smart Plug

Controllable with Philips Hue Bridge

  • Nanoleaf Ivy
  • August Smart Lock
  • August Smart Keypad
  • August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge
  • August Doorbell Cam pro
  • August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Google Assistant and Google Chromecast for your smart home

Already have a Google Chromecast? The awesome news is that you can use it to extend the functionality of your Google Assistant product. After connecting both devices, you can access all apps and devices that are compatible with one of the two. Even better is that you can control everything with your voice. More entertainment, less effort - that's Google Assistant when paired with Chromecast.

  • Spotify
  • Google Play Music
  • Pandora
  • TuneIn
  • iHeartRadio
  • YouTube Music
  • Deezer
  • Netflix
  • Google Photos
  • YouTube
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