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C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb BR30 (2 pack)


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Main Features

Bring smart, colored lights to your home with the C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb BR30 (2 pack). From millions of different color options to custom scenes and schedules, control of your home's lighting can be completely personalized to fit your needs. The bulged design of the BR30 smart bulbs are ideal for casting a wide beam of light perfect for kitchens, livings rooms and hallways.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Multicolored bulbs
  • Warm to cool adjustment
  • Create scenes
  • Customize schedules
  • Voice assistant compatibility

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb BR30 (2 pack) delivers fun-to-use, convenient smart lighting. This is combined with a practical, powerful cast of light so you can use these bulbs wherever you need light most. Ideal for those areas of your home where you spend most of your time, not only are you getting bulbs that cast bright light, but ones that also enhance your lighting experience with color, various temperatures and a plethora of smart features to make your life easier.

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Product Information

  • Color your home: The GE Full Color Smart Bulb BR30 includes the full RGBW color model so you can choose from basic colors to every other shade in between. Explore endless color possibilities with these multicolor smart bulbs.
  • Light to fit your needs: Not only will you get color out of these lights but they also allow you to pick from warm to cool shades. Warm light temperatures can be used for relaxing while cool light can be used for energizing and focusing.
  • Choose a favorite and save it: The RGBW color model can provide an overwhelming amount of color options. However, when you find that perfect shade of light, you can save it as a ‘scene.’ Then, give it a name for easy access later.
  • Supports your sleep cycle: With preset temperatures, cool daylight for morning, soft white for daytime, and warm white for evenings, the C by GE multicolor smart bulbs will align with you to keep your body and mind regulated.
  • Works with your routine: Have your C by GE Full Color Smart Bulbs work with your daily life by creating schedules. Your GE smart lights will turn on at certain times of the day based on specifications made by you.
  • Voice control: These GE Full Color Smart Bulbs work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness and recall scenes all from a simple voice command
  • Control your lights remotely: If you have a voice assistant you’ll be able to gain control of your smart lights even when you're away. If you forget to turn off your lights, no worries, turn them off from wherever you are.

The C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb BR30 (2 pack) in action

Experience the world of colorful home lighting with the C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb BR30 (2 pack). Once you get your smart bulbs, download the app and hit the plus sign to add new devices. Select the type of bulb you have and swap out your old bulbs for your C by GE multicolor smart bulbs, ensuring they are no more than 40 feet away from each other. Then, after selecting ‘continue’ and turning on your lights, your bulbs should be found and ready to customize.

Broader, smarter lights

The Full Color Smart Bulb BR30s are unique in their shape. BR stands for ‘bulged reflector’ which means these bulbs provide a wide beam angle of more than 45 degrees. Casting a soft edged, directional light the BR30s are good for most general household fixtures but are ideal for recessed can lighting and track lighting. As these Full Color BR30s come in a 2 pack, you can administer a significant amount of light to an area. Comfortably light mid-sized kitchens and living rooms with the entire color spectrum.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 8

Step by step instructions are clearly highlighted within the C by GE app.

Product Quality 9

The device is well protected against small bangs and knocks. Its smart features help you to save on energy and time.

App/Software 9

The C by GE app gives you a faster and more convenient way to control your smart lights. Set schedules, group bulbs together and create your own personalized lighting scenes.

Functionality 10

Multicolored bulbs, warm to cool adjustment, scenes creation, customizable schedules, voice assistant compatibility.

Reliability 9

The bulbs work reliably up to 40 feet apart from one another.

Design 9

The BR30 design casts a large light beam to cover a siginifcant area. Soft edges create a pleasing ray.

Data Protection 8

Once paired to your home WiFi network, the connection between your smartphone or tablet and your device is encrypted to keep your data secure.

Value for Money 9

This 2 pack will help cover a siginifcant area with solid light, not to mention all the integrated fun smart features. This bulb is definitely worth the price tag.

Step by step instructions are clearly highlighted within the C by GE app.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensions11 x 4 x 5.1 in.
Article weight6.4 oz.
Power source120V
Power [W]10W
Alternative Power[W]65W
Lifespan [h]13.7 years
Color Temperature [K]2000K-7000K
Socket TypeE26
Light Current [lumen]700 lumens
Can I use the C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb outside?

Although the GE Lighting Full Color Smart Bulbs are “damp rated” they are not made for outdoor use.

Do I need WiFi/internet to control the GE Full Color Smart Bulbs?

No, the GE Full Color Smart Bulbs are connected via Bluetooth to the mobile app on your smarthphone or tablet.

What’s the difference between the A19 and BR30 GE Full Color Smart Bulbs?

The A19 takes the shape of a traditional bulb while the BR30 has a bulge and provides a wider ray of light.

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