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Eve improves your personal quality of life with its wide range of smart home products. Get information about your living environment, to help you make it safer and more energy-efficient through well designed and convenient apps. The brand strives towards the highest level of smart home functionality, pushing the potential of the Apple HomeKit to its limits.

Why choose Eve?

The Eve product line combines intuitive software with design-focused contemporary hardware. All devices have wireless Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled using your iPhone. This makes them energy efficient and spares you from constantly having to deal with tangled cables. Eve products can be easily installed in just a few steps. Not only that, but all sensors are Apple HomeKit-compatible, allowing you to operate your new Eve devices using simple voice commands through Siri, Apple’s voice assistant.

Eve app

Control Eve devices with your iPhone

Every Eve sensor is fully configurable with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With the Eve app, devices can be installed in seconds and are immediately ready to go. An intuitive layout makes everything simple to use, with each device displayed in a concise list. Not only that, but summaries of collected data can be reviewed so you can get the most out of your devices.

If you prefer to control all your smart home products with one app then you won't be disappointed. All sensors in Eve devices are also Apple HomeKit-compatible and can be conveniently controlled and monitored through the Home app.

eve products

More information about Eve

Eve is committed to improving the quality of its customers' homes with intelligent products. Since 1992, the German company has been combining intelligent software with innovative hardware. It distributes app-controlled products in more than 80 countries and is constantly striving to deliver the highest quality. All Eve products are Apple HomeKit compatible, adhere to broad security measures and offer strict data protection to users.

Eve product compatibility

Eve products can be used not only with a propriety app, they can also be used with HomeKit via the Apple Home app. They are also compatible with other products from smart home device manufacturers such as Philips Hue and Netatmo. It’s easier than ever to connect all your smart products thanks to Eve.

What makes Eve unique?

Eve combines four aspects into its products to make them as efficient as possible:

  • Simple setup
  • High data security
  • Compatibility with Siri and Apple HomeKit
  • High-spec manufacturing and technology combined with modern design

Discover Eve products at tink

Eve Energy

Instantly see how much energy your devices are using and switch them on or off with a simple tap or by using Siri

Eve Door & Window

Understands whether your door or window is open or closed; now with notifications

Eve Room

Measures air quality, temperature and humidity

Eve Degree

Tracks temperature, humidity and air pressure with unrivaled precision

Eve Motion

Smart wireless motion detector which lets you automatically set scenes and control your connected accessories via your presence

Eve Light Switch

Switch your lights on or off using Siri or a quick tap on your iPhone

Eve Button

Connected Home Remote with Apple HomeKit technology

Eve Room is a smart room climate sensor. It measures the air quality of an apartment as well as the temperature and humidity. By analyzing indoor air, Eve Room provides statistics on data collected and gives recommendations on how to optimize your home.

Eve Degree allows you to see the current temperature and air pressure, as well as statistics on how measurements have progressed over time.

You want to know at a glance how the weather is shaping up? The Eve Weather Sensor has you covered. It sends information about outside temperature, air pressure and humidity directly to your phone.

Smart Garden Tools

Eve Aqua

Waters your plants on schedule

With Eve Aqua you can now water your plants in a smart way. The smart irrigation system supplies them with water on schedule. With the app, you can see when and how much your plants have been watered.