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Eve Aqua + Eve Button

Elgato Eve Aqua - smarte Gartenbewässerung, kann per Sprachsteuerung oder Zeitplan Deinen Garten bewässern
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Eve Aqua - Smart Water Controller

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Eve Button
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Eve Button - Connected Home Remote

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Main Features
Controller app for Apple iOS devices.
iOS App
Compatible with Apple HomeKit.
Apple HomeKit
This product can communicate with other Bluetooth devices wirelessly.
Easy Installation

The Eve Aqua + Eve Button is your answer to easier, efficient and environmentally friendly home watering system. Simply connect the Eve Aqua to your outdoor faucet and enjoy smart benefits like automated watering, water tracking, and voice control. The included Eve Button extends your control even more, for easy, one-touch control over your home’s irrigation system.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Water consumption tracking
  • Automated watering
  • Multiple control methods
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Easy installation

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

Eve has delivered with the Eve Aqua. For those looking for a simple solution to gain more control over their home’s watering system, the Eve Aqua is your answer. It will help give a better overview of your garden’s water consumption and bring watering your garden to your phone. The added bonus of the Eve Button should not be overlooked either, as it enables a simple, centralized tool to control multiple Eve devices throughout your home and partners with the Eve Aqua perfectly.

More details
Product Information

  • Water consumption tracking: Keep an intelligent insight on your garden’s water consumption in the Eve app. You’ll be able to see exactly how much water your garden uses so you know what to expect on your next water bill.
  • Automated watering: Set schedules that work around your daily routine so your garden always receives the replenishment it needs. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to water again.
  • Multiple control methods: The included Eve Button gives you a simple, one-touch control method for your Eve Aqua. You can also use your iPhone, iPad, or HomePod to gain more functionality. The Apple HomePod will enable voice control, so Siri can handle watering the garden.
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit: When you integrate the Eve Aqua into the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, you can control Eve products and other products all in one place. Your Eve button will also connect to other Eve devices for seamless, multifunctional use.
  • Easy installation: Just attach the Eve Aqua to your old outdoor faucet and it's ready to go. No bridge or tools necessary. For the Eve button, you can use your existing Apple TV, iPad or HomePod to connect it with smart devices
  • Eve or Apple HomeKit app: You can decide for yourself which app is the right one for you - the Eve app and the Apple HomeKit app each have their own advantages.

The 'Eve Aqua + Eve Button' in action

Turn your regular outdoor faucet into an intelligent sprinkler controller with the Eve Aqua and included Eve Button. The Eve Aqua will allow you to set watering schedules and monitor water consumption so you always know how your garden is doing. The included Eve Button gives you an extra, one-tap method to turn your Eve Aqua on or off as well as control of other Eve devices.

Water differently

The Eve Aqua pairs with your device using Bluetooth. However, this is limiting when you are out of Bluetooth range. Seeking more flexible sprinkler control for when you are away from home? The Eve Aqua can be controlled remotely with a connected Apple HomePod, Apple TV or iPad acting as a HomeHub. This enables you to turn your Eve Aqua on or off and set schedules from anywhere in the world.

The Eve Button may look relatively plain, but this home remote is brings instant smart home control to your fingertips. With three programmable actions, you can activate your connected different connected devices. You can even add multiple devices to one action, so your Eve Aqua and porch lights turn on with one tap.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Installation couldn't be simpler. Forget tools and get working with bluetooth and an app.

Product Quality 10

The device's surface looks solid - it gives off the impression of being robust. You'll get smart irrigation and efficient energy usage.

App/Software 8

The minimalstic drop-down menu is easy to navigate. You can easily add new devices using the plus button.

Functionality 9

Water consumption tracking; Automated watering; Multiple control methods; Compatible with Apple Homekit ; Easy installation.

Reliability 8

Bluetooth connections rarely crash, and the Apple HomeKit is stable as well.

Design 9

The Eve Aqua is elegantly designed with UV protection and IPX4-water resistance. The Eve Button is slim and compact for easy portability.

Data Protection 9

Bluetooth is regarded as a secure communication standard. It's used by all the biggest players in the industry,

Value for Money 9

This bundle is not none that will sit around and collect dust but rather be incredibly useful and support your home effectively.

Installation couldn't be simpler. Forget tools and get working with bluetooth and an app.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product dimensionsEve Aqua: 3.7 x 4.7 x 3.2 in, Eve Button: 2.1 x 2.1 x 0.5 in.
Article weightEve Aqua: 11.8 oz, Eve Button: 1.28 oz.
ConnectivityEve Aqua and Eve Button: Bluetooth Low Energy
Power sourceEve Aqua: 2 AA batteries, Eve Button: CR2032 (Exchangeable battery)
In the boxEve Aqua, batteries, handbook, Eve Button, CR2032 battery, adhesive scene labels, quick start guide
Do I need a bridge to use the Eve Aqua?

The Eve Aqua uses Bluetooth, so no extra bridge is necessary.

Can I see my water use in real time in the Apple HomeKit app, as well as the Eve app?

No, this feature is only available in the Eve app.

Does the Eve Button need to be plugged into an electrical outlet?

No, the Eve Button is powered by a replaceable battery. No connection to AC is required.

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