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Entry Protection Add-On

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Main Features
Easy Installation

Get a set of 4 window and door sensors that alert you of unauthorized entry. The sensors are tamper-proof, and work with any door, window or object that opens and closes.

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Tested by tink expert

The Window and Door Sensor is simple yet extremely effective at keeping the home safe. You can receive alerts from the Sensors anywhere. Let it manage your safety automatically, so there’s no learning curve, no rigid scheduling. Furthermore, the Sensors have a 5-year battery life saving both energy and money and making it much easier to manage in the long-term.

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Product Information
Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9.5

Set up is fast and easy.

Product Quality 9

The device is well protected against small bangs and knocks. The material is solid and will withstand more concrete damage..

App/Software 9

Alerts you when motion has been detected in both outdoor and indoor areas. Provides access to numerous useful smart features and functionalities.

Functionality 9.5

High quality, easy to use, effective monitoring, easy set up.

Design 8

A classic and functional design.

Data Protection 9

No real threat to your data as the app itself is protected by constellation, make sure your password to the app is strong.

History History
Value for Money 9

Extremely effective in protecting homes from unwanted trespassers, will ultimately allow home owners and renters to save money, time and energy.

Set up is fast and easy.

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Technical details
How much does the Constellation window and door sensor weigh?

The sensor weighs 1.1 oz (31.2 g) which is including battery and magnet.

What type of area does the window and door sensor work in?

The window and door sensor supports internal and external contacts therefore, making it ideal for full protection of 2 different zones.

What is the wireless signal range on the window and door sensor?

The wireless signal range on the sensor is 350 ft (106.7 m), open air, with Wireless Control Panel.

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