WiFi Speakers

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WiFi speakers stream music from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet using your home WiFi network. They can be paired with other speakers in different rooms, to create multi-room sound. WiFi speakers are also often referred to as wireless or multi-room speakers.


What is a WiFi speaker?

A WiFi speaker is a wireless speaker that connects to your home directly via a WiFi network. Streaming music or shows over WiFi is a much better experience, in terms of playback quality and signal strength. As long as your WiFi speakers are on the same home WiFi network, there are minimal issues with range, delays, or dropouts.

WiFi speakers can be connected to other WiFi speakers in your home, to create a multi-room sound system. This way, you can enjoy and listen to the same music across all rooms in your home. If you own a smart TV, adding a WiFi speaker is definitely worth it. Once connected, there are no lip-sync issues and the sound quality is fairly better.

Picking the right WiFi speaker

Depending on your sound needs and preferences, you need to remember a few things before buying a speaker.

Compatibility: Before buying a WiFi speaker, it is important to check the compatibility options and the connection standards it offers. Of course, picking a speaker that supports the operating systems you’re most comfortable with (Android or iOS), is important too.

Portability: WiFi speakers consume more power as compared to Bluetooth speakers, and typically have to be plugged into wall outlets. These speakers are generally not portable but some brands offer Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Style: When you’re shopping for a WiFi speaker, aesthetics are also important. Depending on your home interiors and room acoustics, it is important to pick a speaker that complements your home.

Different connection types - How do WiFi speakers work?

Before buying a WiFi speaker, you need to know the terms such as Apple AirPlay, DTS Play-Fi, Sonos, DLNA and Heos. What exactly are these terms? They are the wireless standards your speaker will use to access content on a network. Most speakers support one or more of these standards but you must look for the one that works for you.

Apple Airplay accesses content from Apple devices and PCs with iTunes installed. If you’re an Android user, you can access content via a third party app. If you have more than one AirPlay speakers, then iPhone and iPad users will require an app.

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a networking standard that communicates and shares files with other DLNA certified devices in the same network. While only a few brands of WiFi speakers support DLNA, it is a common feature in older Audio-video devices like Blu-ray players, home theater receivers or TVs. So if you own a home sound system that is DLNA supported, you will need to buy a WiFi speaker that offers DLNA connectivity. DLNA is only available for Android phones and devices.

DTS Play-Fi is simply an app that integrates all Hi-Fi devices for a multi-channel or multi-room setup. Works with Android and iOS devices.

Sonos and Heos are the connection standards for Sonos and Denon wireless sound systems respectively. Works with Android and iOS devices.

Note: If you have speakers from different brands, you can still play them together. As long as they use the same wireless technology standards, multiple speakers can be integrated. For instance, if you have a speaker that supports AirPlay and the second one is DLNA only, they might not work together seamlessly.

Advantages of WiFi speakers

WiFi speaker systems offer a range of advantages, in comparison to classic speakers. Here’s a few of them.

Better range: WiFi speakers are better at tackling greater distances and physical barriers between the WiFi router and the speakers in your home. Typically, a strong connection can be established within a range of 100-150 feet.

Multiroom sound: Creating a multi-room sound system is easy with WiFi speakers. You can connect multiple speakers across different rooms in your home using your WiFi network. Once paired, enjoy the same music across your home or play different tracks in different rooms, as you like! All you need is the manufacturer’s mobile app and an internet connection.

Sound quality: WiFi speakers offer a much larger bandwidth that allows for streaming lossless audio formats. These speakers send audio wirelessly and do not compress the audio files at all. This means you get full range audio content and the best sound quality at all times.

Listen to what you love: WiFi speakers can not only play the content on your phone but also stream music, audiobooks, on-demand radio, podcasts and more. Listen to what you love - stream from popular platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, iTunes and more.

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