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Looking for speakers that let you listen to music throughout your home and even play a different song in each room? Then our range of Wi-Fi speakers is just the thing for you!

What are Wi-Fi speakers?

Wi-Fi speakers are speakers that use Wi-Fi to receive data (as opposed to a cable or port). This means that they can be used with any Wi-Fi capable device (such as a mobile, desktop, or tablet).

What makes Wi-Fi speakers so special?

  • Connection to all Wi-Fi capable devices
  • Data transmission via Wi-Fi
  • Multi-room playback
  • A range of sizes and models to fit all setups
  • Good sound quality

Since Wi-Fi speakers receive data using your home network, they are compatible with any Wi-Fi-capable device. This means that several speakers can be used simultaneously (multi-room). Now you can listen to different music in different rooms at the same time, or even listen to the same song throughout your whole house - all controlled from one convenient app. Uncompressed data transmission ensures high quality streaming and a fantastic listening experience. Our Wi-Fi speakers come from a variety of manufacturers and sizes.

How do WiFi speakers differ from Bluetooth speakers?

It can be tough to make the choice between a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker. So how do they differ from each other? At tink, we've broken down the most important points for you:

Wi-Fi SpeakerBluetooth Speaker
Range of useWi-Fi networkIn range of Bluetooth device
First installationSome effort requiredFast and easy
Area of useWithin range of Wi-Fi signalIndoors and outdoors
Power supplyMostly plugged inRechargeable batteries
MobilityLimitedVery mobile
Multi-room playbackYesNo

The main difference between these two types of speakers is how they transmit data, with the transmission method determining both the range between the speaker and device. Wi-Fi speakers can be used within a Wi-Fi network. As long as the speaker and the transmitting device are in the network, music can be played. Bluetooth speakers can only function at a distance of around 30 feet from your device. This, however, gives Bluetooth speakers their mobility because they don’t require a larger network to function.

Wi-Fi speakers are mostly powered by being plugged in. Bluetooth speakers on the other hand, are powered using a rechargeable battery. Installing Wi-Fi speakers can be a little tricky but most installations only take a matter of minutes. Connecting Bluetooth speakers to a mobile device is just a matter of pairing the two devices, which is done in a matter of seconds.

WiFi speakers are capable of multi-room playback. Different speakers from the same brand can be placed in different rooms, yet controlled from one single source (usually an app). This lets you quickly play the same song through different rooms, as well as set up different music to play in different rooms. Bluetooth speakers are a little simpler, with only one device pairing between speaker and end device being possible.

Which devices can be connected to a Wi-Fi speaker?

Currently, nearly all portable devices on the market are Wi-Fi capable and therefore compatible with Wi-Fi speaker. The most common are:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • MP3 Players (e.g. iPod Touch)
  • Desktops

How do you connect a smartphone to a Wi-Fi speaker and how do you connect a Wi-Fi speaker to a smartphone? Start off by downloading the relevant app (available from the speaker manufacturer). The app then walks you through the installation and connection process, guiding you every step of the way. When setup is complete, you can get straight into enjoying all the great features these speakers offer.

Why buy Wi-Fi speakers from tink?

? detailed expert reports ? the best prices ? tailored selection of products

We make it easier than ever to find the best speaker for you. Before we add a range of speakers to our portfolio, they are carefully tested by our in-house experts. Our mission is to only sell products from the very best on the market. To make it easier for you to choose which speaker to buy, a detailed test report is available for each product that we sell.

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