Bluetooth Speakers

Take your music with you wherever you go

Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers that are designed to provide added convenience and comfort when listening to music or watching your favorite videos. Unlike the traditional speakers that connect to the sound system via cables, these speakers need no wires or cables for setup. This means that Bluetooth speakers can be used with smartphones, tablets, stereo systems, and any Bluetooth enabled device to stream and play your favorite content.


What can a Bluetooth speaker do? Some key features:

Voice recognition

Some Bluetooth speakers also come with an built-in voice assistant for hands-free control. Listening to music on your speakers and want to answer a call? Simply ask the voice assistant to answer the call and it will pause the music and resume playing once the call has ended.

Versatile portability

As the popularity of wireless speakers increases, brands have started developing ultra-light and compact Bluetooth speakers that don’t take up too much storage space. These can be carried anywhere and are perfect for enjoying music outdoors. If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, pick one that doesn’t measure more than 5-6 inches.


If you wish to bring music to the pool, beach, or maybe even an outdoor party, pick a speaker that is water and dust proof. Some Bluetooth speakers are specifically designed for the outdoors to give you the best sound anywhere you like. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are generally smaller in size and built with a rubberized design.

Rechargeable batteries

Most wireless Bluetooth speakers are equipped with an embedded rechargeable battery, adding to their convenient and energy-efficient use. Depending on the brand you pick, the batteries are long-lasting and can run between 8-12 hours on a full charge. This means you can listen to your music all day, without worrying about constantly changing or charging the batteries.

Ultimate compatibility

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Android or iOS user, these wireless speakers can be connected directly via Bluetooth. When you’re setting up the speaker, make sure it’s not placed too far from your smartphone or tablet, and pair it like any other devices via Bluetooth. Use your smartphone, tablet, PC or any other Bluetooth enabled devices, for easy and stress free installation.

How to pick the right Bluetooth speaker for you?

Bluetooth speakers are perfect for outdoor and indoor use, generally varying in size for easy portability. Before you buy a speaker, it’s important to go over a few basic questions that can help you find the right speaker for your home. What do want to use it for? Where do you wish to use it the most - indoors or outdoors? Does your existing media setup support Bluetooth?

Best sound, on the go

Whether it’s a barbecue party at the park, camping at a festival, or just for those long road-trips, mini Bluetooth speakers are the perfect music companion. They’re easily portable and don’t take up too much space. All you need is your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet and you’re good to go.

Quick and stable connection

A mini Bluetooth speaker can be paired wirelessly through a range of smart devices, regardless of which brand they’re from. Pairing a new speaker with your smartphone can be done in just a few seconds. Additionally, previously connected speakers are saved within your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth settings, for quick and easy access whenever you need it.

Big sound for small spaces

Depending on the brand, Bluetooth speakers offer a wide range of sound quality and performance to pick from. There are speakers that might look small but have a powerful, clear sound that’s perfect for smaller rooms or spaces.

Designed for outdoors

Mini Bluetooth speakers are designed with durability in mind. They’re robust and offer a long-battery life, as compared to WiFi speakers. To avoid picking the wrong speaker, you can start by picturing where you’re going to use the speakers and then pick one that matches the setting.

Large Bluetooth speakers for home: wireless sound without compromise

Rich, room-filling sound

If you’re looking for indoor speakers that can be setup wirelessly and offer great sound, investing in a bigger Bluetooth speaker is a good option. Large speakers offer wireless connectivity without compromising on the sound quality. They connect to smart devices via a highly reliable, stable, and low-energy wireless standard, to fill your home with premium sound.

Long-lasting battery life

Larger Bluetooth speakers also offer extra long battery life and can be easily moved around the house.

Multi-room sound

Although less suited for outdoors or long-distance travels, large Bluetooth speakers offer a great deal of versatility and comfort. They’re reliable in terms of sound quality and can also be paired with other speakers from the same brand, for a multi-room sound.

Whether you’re looking for practical features like a waterproof design, durability for outdoors, or for a wireless and premium sound experience at home, the options are endless. With such a wide range of brands and features to pick from, you’ll definitely be able to find a speaker that suits your needs.

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