Fill your house with music using smart speakers

A smart speaker is a device that not only streams your favorite playlist, but also gives responses to your questions, allows control for other smart devices, and more. These speakers bring convenience and hands-free assistance for managing everyday tasks by setting timers, alarms, and updating calendars to sync with your schedule.


What are smart speakers?

Smart speakers offer wireless and smart audio playback along with a range of different connectivity options and features. When you bring home a smart speaker, it does much more than stream your favorite music. They enable you to do a variety of things like controlling lights, shopping online, setting timers, checking the weather, getting responses for daily queries, and more.

To start building a smart-home, buying the right speaker is essential. Smart speakers like any other electronic device, vary widely in the features, design and sound quality they offer. Once set up, these speakers can quickly become the central information source as well as a ‘home assistant’ that allows for hands-free control for a variety of connected devices.

What can a smart speaker do?

Enjoy more free time and leave behind mundane chores for the smart speakers. They offer hands-free control for all the connected smart devices in your home. Using simple voice commands, ask the speaker to turn off the garden lights, change the music, turn on the thermostat, compare products online, order groceries and more.

Streaming music: Smart speakers can easily play music from your phone’s music library. However, they are specially designed for streaming music through popular music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Google play music, Apple Music and more. Additionally, if you have a sound system set up in your home, you can pair the smart speaker for automating the playback.

Sync your daily routine: These speakers can sync with daily routines effortlessly and add some fun to dull, groggy mornings. Improve your mornings by creating routines for devices with smart speakers. Schedule the speaker to turn on lights, coffee makers, stream the morning playlist and check for news as you sip on coffee. Smart speakers also offer assistance on your commute to work with traffic updates, directions and weather updates.

Home entertainment: Manage your smart TVs or home entertainment devices with these speakers. To get the best out of your home entertainment system, getting the appropriate add-on device is essential. Search and stream video content on smart TV’s, control the playback, adjust volumes, change the channels, and more with a smart speaker. Once the smart speaker is integrated with the home entertainment system, the possibilities are endless.

Smart home management: Smart home management is one of the key roles of a smart speaker. They can integrate all smart devices in your home. Whether it’s lights or your garage door opener, smart speakers will integrate them into their system, so you can manage all the devices under one app.

Phone calls: One of the most convenient reasons for getting a smart speaker home is, hands-free phone calls. Simply ask the speaker to ‘call dad’, without having to go through the phonebook or even using your smartphone. However, kindly note that calling feature is only available to users in the US, Canada or the UK.

Daily queries: Get instant responses to everyday questions with a smart speaker. Get information for any query, with a simple command. Have a favorite TV series and would like to know when the new season starts? Simply ask the speaker. Need help with a recipe? The speaker will read aloud the instructions for you. The possibilities of questions and responses are endless and all you need to do is simply ask. Additionally, to brighten up a dull day, some smart speakers can also tell jokes.

What different types of smart speakers are available?

Smart speakers can be differentiated into 3 categories, based on the features they offer.

Voice-assistants - While most smart speakers come with a built-in voice assistant, they do not support every voice assistant. When buying a smart speaker, it is important to check for the speaker and voice assistant combination that works best for you.

WiFi speakers - As the name suggests, the WiFi smart speakers connect to other devices in your home via WiFi.

Bluetooth speakers - Bluetooth speakers connect to other smart devices using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Generally, Bluetooth speakers are battery-powered, which makes them compact and easy to move around.

Different connection types

Smart speakers offer a range of connectivity options, depending on your needs. The most popular connection types are WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE), but there are also speakers that work via Near Field Communication (NFC), Airplay or Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).

What smart speaker is best for you?

With smart speakers gaining popularity, it is essential to know which one best suits your smart home needs. Every speaker works the best with its own brand services and will not support services from their competitors. When buying the speaker, ensure that it will be able to perform the tasks you’d like assistance for.

Depending on the devices you use already, compatibility also plays a major role in the buying decision. For Android users, the best smart speaker is the one that integrates Google Home services easily. IoS users will require a smart speaker that supports services from Siri, HomeKit or connectivity via Airplay.

How secure is your data?

Smart speakers start listening to your conversations only when you use the ‘wake word’. A ‘wake word’ is the phrase that is assigned to every smart speaker, to enable listening for the voice commands that follow the wake word.

These speakers use WPA-2 encryption to secure your data and strengthen your WiFi network. Smart speakers from leading brands are constantly upgrading their privacy settings and making them as secure as possible.

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