TV Entertainment Bundles

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Upgrade your home entertainment easily with smart home technology. TV entertainment bundles are comprised of speakers that are impressive in sound quality that also come with WiFi connectivity. With these smart home TV entertainment bundles, it has never been easier to improve your movie and TV watching experience at home.


Different speakers found in TV entertainment bundles

  • Soundbars will make the connection between your speakers and TV with minimal wires.
  • Surround stereo speakersSurround stereo speakers are set up on your left and right to immerse you into the world of the movie or album.
  • A subwoofer adds a deep base to your favorite movies and songs to make the listening/watching experience richer.

The benefits of TV entertainment bundles

TV entertainment bundles are great because they're quality speakers first and foremost. Many have the technology to make automatic adjustments to match the acoustics of the room. Some soundbars even have software that enhances dialogue of the movie they’re playing. The speakers are also multi-functional because you can use them to listen to music whenever you’re not watching a movie.

Wireless connection is another benefit that helps with the overall control and useability that comes with TV entertainment bundles. Because these modern speakers connect wirelessly via WiFi, the whole setup is quick and easy. The speaker’s app will give step by step instructions to sync the speakers to your home WiFi. No more wires to hide or trip over!

These speakers have voice assistants more often than not. Voice assistants are a big highlight in smart technology. Smart assistants make it possible to change the volume by just asking either Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or Apple's Siri. You’ll know this is useful if you ever tried to change the scenes with popcorn stained fingers or if you've ever searched endlessly for the remote wedged between couch cushions. The voice assistant capabilities don’t stop there since you can still ask for the weather report or a list of top movies.

Another benefit comes from the number of ways you can organize your speakers in your room. Many speakers are mountable which means you don’t even need a table or shelf to place them on but rather to choose the area that best fits your needs. With this type of adaptability, it's no wonder these TV entertainment bundles are becoming more and more prevalent in home entertainment systems.

Android TV, Google Chromecast and TV entertainment bundles

The soundbars found in TV entertainment bundles often have added software built-in to enhance the tv-binging even before you begin. This software make multiple streaming sites available in one place or expands to the kind of devices you can use with your TV. Android TV is similar to a Google search engine built into your TV to find the TV shows and movies. Google Chromecast allows you to play media from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. This ensures the highest level of quality for whatever you want to watch. As a compact plug-in device at the back of the TV, it eliminates any messy wires. Moreover, there's no need to fumble around with remotes because controls are streamlined with the Google Assistant. This enhances the overall TV entertainment bundle experience as you have even more control over your TV and movie watching experience with all these programs and devices.

Find the best TV entertainment bundle for you

With more and more TV entertainment bundles to choose from, you're almost guaranteed to find the best option for you. There are a few areas where you must decide what best fits your needs. For instance, if you're trying to decide between a setup with a SONOS PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, you need to ask yourself how important deep, powerful sounds are to you. If want this deeper sound, the PLAYBASE has a built-in woofer that's better at producing these deep sounds that go well with movies. Another question you must ask yourself is how big of a set you wish to have. Usually, the bigger the set the higher the price, but also the added capabilities. Some of these bundles include a subwoofer that gives you that extra powerful bass sound that can recreate those intense sounds you hear at movie theatres.

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