Multi-Room Bundles

Soak up the sound from a multi-room bundle of wireless speakers

We have bundled the best wireless speakers for you to enhance your home entertainment experience. Drown out the world on a Sunday morning with your favourite playlist and enjoy it as it plays from room to room.


What is a multi-room audio system and how does it work?

As the name suggests, a multi-room audio system is a set of connected speakers that are placed in different rooms. Speakers such as soundbase, WiFi speakers, or other audio/visual devices can be used to create a multi-room sound system. Traditionally, these speakers were connected through a bunch of wires, but new systems work wirelessly. As a result, a multi-room audio setup gives you the ability to hear music in numerous rooms at a time. Depending on the type of multi-room system you create, you can either play the same music in all the rooms, or use them as individual speakers, playing different songs simultaneously.

What is a wireless speaker system?

Wireless speakers have come a long way to replace a traditional multi-room audio setup. Previously, top-of-the-line multi-room speakers were wired into your housing structure, often with the help of a professional. These speakers were either installed into the ceiling or walls, so you’d hardly notice them, but you can hear the music all throughout the house. Additionally, these classic multi-room speakers are costly to install and hard to take down if you choose to move out. Modern wireless speakers are easy to install and have no cable mess. They're programmed to communicate between each other via a wire-free network. Depending on the company, some speakers are designed to create a mesh network to interact with each other, while other speakers cooperate via your home WiFi network. Nevertheless, both types of systems connect to your phone via WiFi and/or Bluetooth. However, speakers that use a closed mesh network consume less internet to stream your music.

What makes a multi-room speaker system so popular?

Multi-room wireless speaker system are becoming more and more popular among homeowners for its quality and convenience. We've picked up some of the top reasons for this, as well as features and functionalities to look out for when creating your own multi-room system.

DIY installation

Multi-room systems are very easy to set up. First, all of these smart speakers need to be connected to a power outlet. They're controlled using companion apps, so you'll need to them onto your smartphone. Using WiFi, the app can find the speakers in the room. Once configured, you can name the speakers based on their location in the house. This makes it easier to group them or give voice commands. Having such simple installation processes, makes multi-room bundles the perfect choice.

Premium sound

Brands are regularly coming out with new and improved hardware to enhance your sound experience. The most common wireless smart speakers are programmed to work both individually and as stereo sets. Soundbars connect to your television to bring you exceptional sound and smart controls. Some brands have subwoofers to add more bass. If you already have an existing speaker setup, there are connecting devices to merge them to the smart speakers. Smart speakers are known for their compatibility with Google Nest, Amazon or Apple smart home ecosystems.

Other smart features

Multi-room bundles come with at least one smart speaker. This means, it can communicate with other smart devices in your home. You can give voice commands to your smart door deadbolt to lock the door, or ask to turn off the lights in the children’s room. Create morning or night routines to manage multiple smart devices with just one command to your speaker. You can set a routine to announce the morning news headlines across all your speakers. Have some fun with the broadcast feature to announce “dinner is ready” throughout the house!

Infinite music streaming options

All smart speakers connect to your smartphone, so you can stream entertainment from all the popular sites (Google Play, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer) and more. If the speakers have Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay 2 integration, you can cast any music, podcasts, live sports or news from your smartphone to the speaker. A soundbar with these features means you can cast any video or movie from your smartphone on to your TV.

No cable mess

All smart speakers wirelessly communicate with each other. Unlike traditional speakers, cables are only required for power or TV connectivity. Not only do you have less cables, but also the flexibility to place them anywhere in the house.

Always room for further expansion

Smart speakers have a hefty price, but it is designed to be a long-term investment. In terms of software, the speakers update themselves automatically. Their wireless connectivity feature means you can pair as many speakers as you want and continuously expand your entertainment system. Make a hybrid system with wireless amps which can be used to control your existing ceiling speakers via your WiFi. Whether you are looking to expand your current entertainment system or build a new one, there is a smart multi-room bundle for you!

Which is the best multi-room bundle for me?

Whether it's created by multi-room pioneers like SONOS or by tech giants like Google Nest, there's a constantly growing range of wireless speakers to choose from. The best multi-room speaker bundle depends on what you expect from your entertainment system and how many rooms you want to cover. If you want to have the home-theatre experience, start with a soundbar bundle. Or if you already have a home theatre system, opt for a smart stereo speaker set with a connector. Alternatively, simply dive into an instant smart home experience with a mixed bundle of smart lights, smart speakers and a smart display.

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