Entertainment Bundles

Bundles of entertainment in all shapes and sizes

A bundle of smart speakers makes for a very versatile entertainment center for your connected home. They deliver premium sound during parties and movie nights, and can function as a central command hub for all your smart home products.


What comes in an entertainment bundle?

All entertainment bundles on our site have at least one smart speaker paired with other smart home devices. Smart speakers are popular for their sound quality, wireless connectivity, smart home voice control, and virtual assistant integration. They come in different sizes and colors. If you like karaokes in the shower, there's a bundle with a small speaker for your shower and a big speaker for the bedroom. If you want to improve the sound quality during movies, check out the TV entertainment bundles that come with a soundbar. Some bundles go beyond the speaker and include smart lights or smart assistants. So if you enjoy hands-free control, use your smart assistant to freely control your smart lights and your speakers. You can always expand to more compatible gadgets in the future. Most smart speakers are compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and/or Apple's Siri.

Types of entertainment bundles

Each entertainment bundle is a collection of speakers that serves a different purpose. So what do you want to use your speakers for? Whether you want to place all of them in one room or spread throughout the house, smart speakers give you that flexibility.

Multi-room bundles

A set of wirelessly connected smart speakers is called a multi-room bundle. They usually come as a set of two or more speakers. Place one in each room and let the music fill your home. Our team has combined speakers from different companies to give you a lot of options to consider depending on your preferences.

Stereo set bundles

All bundles in this category come with at least one pair of smart stereo speakers. These speakers can function as individual speakers or, when placed collectively, can resonate a stereo system in one room. Some stereo sets come with built-in voice assistants, allowing you to give them a variety of commands. “Speechless” (SL) speakers come without a mic so they don't have a built-n voice assistant, but can still be controlled by one. That's why we have bundled them with smart displays and mini smart speakers.

TV entertainment bundles

Whether you want one smart soundbar speaker for your television or plan to build a home theatre system, these wireless smart speaker bundles have you covered. Choose a bundle with either the soundbar, soundbase or subwoofer. They're easy to install and can connect to your TV via HDMI. Pairing with other smart devices like a Google Chromecast means you can cast any videos, movies or TV shows from your smartphone straight to your TV and enjoy the premium sound from the soundbar.

Voice assistant bundles

Smart speakers are either compatible with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple's Siri. Others have either one or multiple of these already built-in. These speakers can control your other compatible smart home products through voice commands. Set up routines so that one command can trigger action in more than one device. You can also ask your smart speaker to announce the morning headlines, or get the traffic updates before heading out for work. Some bundles come with premium speakers while others bring you smart displays and smart lights.

Highlights of a smart entertainment bundle

It's not just the easy installation and portability of a smart entertainment center that makes it popular. Their multi-functionality is something to consider before you invest in a bundle. Here are some of the key features and functionalities to look out for.

Audio hardware

Each speaker encompasses a combination of tweeter, mid-range driver, and woofer. The tweeters produce high audio frequencies, mid-range is responsible for the mid-range frequencies and woofers deliver the low frequencies. In certain cases, there are subwoofers for very low base range. The bigger the speaker, the more drivers and more powerful sound it produces.

Wireless connectivity options

Wireless speakers communicate with each other via your home WiFi network or create their own local mesh network. Speakers with a local network consume less internet, allowing other devices in your home to function smoothly. Nonetheless, all smart speakers correspond with an app so you can manage your speakers on your smartphone.

Voice assistant compatibility

All smart speakers are compatible with one or more of the voice assistant ecosystems. This means you can use voice commands to play your favourite playlist. Or pair it with other devices like smart lights and create a routine to make them work together. Double-check the smart gadgets you already have. Are they compatible with Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant? This makes it easier to pick out a smart speaker for your connected home entertainment system.

Trueplay integration

Trueplay (available on specific SONOS smart speakers) is a unique feature available for iPhones and iPads which helps tune the audio to suit the shape of your room. The process only takes three minutes. The app will ask you to follow a few steps while your smartphone emits test sounds that bounce off the surfaces in the room. Trueplay-compatible smart speakers will then adjust their sound settings based on the information collected.

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