Entertainment Accessories

Entertainment Accessories

Accessorize your smart home entertainment system to give it even more versatility and potential. Entertainment accessories are perfect for those looking to add the final touches to their smart entertainment setup.


What exactly are entertainment accessories?

The entertainment area is growing fast and fulfilling nearly every niche thinkable. Entertainment accessories are here to satisfy that last wanted need or special requirement to complete your smart home entertainment setup. Streaming devices, music receivers, mounts for your speakers and many more devices all have the purpose of enhancing your system and making it fit your needs. Streaming media players, such as the Google Chromecast, add more capabilities and functionalities, while other accessories, such as mounts, help the installation of your smart speakers, as well as giving them more potential to be better seen and heard.

How do I know if my new device is compatible with an accessory?

While some accessories have obvious compatibility, such as a SONOS speaker and a SONOS wall mount, information about more complex accessories can be found on each devices’ product page here at tink. Each product page will also explain how the accessory can enhance your smart home entertainment system and how you can get the most out of your setup.

Wall mounts

An elegant solution to setting up your speakers, wall mounts accentuate sound range throughout the room, while also saving on space. Setup the speakers exactly where you want to with an easy-to-install bracket that mounts on pegs behind any wall. As well a freeing up spacing and allowing excellent sound quality, this is also a simple way to make sure that your smart speakers stay out of the reach of the kids!

Streaming devices

Streaming devices connect your TV to the internet and allow you to watch a plethora of content available online. The possibilities range from different entertainment streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, to movies that can be rented from other services. In addition, your computer’s screen can be mirrored via the streaming device to show your browser, as well as photos or videos stored on your computer. All shareable on the big screen! Essentially, a streaming device turns your TV into a smart TV, giving it extra functionalities beyond the simple use of watching television.

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