Constellation ZLINK Z-Wave Water Leak Detector


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Main Features

The Water Leak Detector recognizes the presence of water to stop damage before it happens. Furthermore, it can be added into the Z-Wave system as well.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to install
  • Smart Water detection
  • Long lasting battery
  • Compatible with Z-Wave

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

The Water Leak Detector is simple yet extremely effective at keeping your home safe. You can receive alerts from the Water Leak from anywhere. Let it manage your safety automatically, so there’s no learning curve, no rigid scheduling. Furthermore, the Water Leak detector has a long lasting battery saving both energy and money. Together with other components you are able to integrate the Water Leak into your Z-Wave system.

More details
Product Information
  • Easy and flexible to install: The ZLINK Water Leak Detector is a water sensing cable that you can place wherever there is a risk of a leak, whether it is horizontal on the floor or vertical at the wall along pipes.
  • Smart Water detection: It senses a water leak very reliable and in real time, so you avoid a false alarm and you still have a sensitive and quick detection. 
  • Long lasting battery: Powered by 3 AAA Batteries (not included) or an USB power supply, the water leak will work with a long service life. 
  • Compatible with Z-Wave: ZLINK LD-100 is a member of the Z-Wave family and communicates with other Z-Wave certified devices in a control network.
Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 10

Set up is fast and easy.

Product Quality 9

The device is well protected against small bangs and knocks. The material is solid and will withstand more concrete damage.

App/Software 9

Alerts you when it detects a water leak. Alongside access to numerous useful smart features and functionalities.

Functionality 9.5

High quality, easy to use, effective monitoring and easy set up.

Reliability 9

Acoustic and digital real-time alarm after water leakage.

Design 8

A classic and functional design.

Data Protection 9

No real threat to your data as the app itself is protected by constellation, make sure your password in the app is strong.

Value for Money 8.5

Extremely effective in protecting homes from water damage, so you can be sure to have an effective device that protects you from higher costs.

Set up is fast and easy.

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Technical details

Technical details Water Leak

Input Power

5 VDC or by 3 x AAA batteries 

Radio frequency 

908.4/916 MHz. 

Wireless range 

Up to 132 ft line of sight between the device and other available nodes. 

Normal operating temperature

32oF- 122oF (0oC - 50oC) 

Area of applicationIndoor only
Onboard radiosZ-Wave
At what amount of water does the detector detect an issue?

The Water Temperature and Flood Sensor senses as little as a couple of drops of water (0.25ml – 0.5ml). 

How long is the cable of the ZLINK Z-Wave Water Leak Detector?

The sensing cable is 4-foot-long and can sense water on any part of the cable. However, you are able to extend the length up to 150 foot. 

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