Create a smarter and more efficient system for controlling and managing your garage with Chamberlain's smart home products. Whether it's garage openers, accessories, supplies or spare parts, Chamberlain has all your needs covered.


Simple control

Chamberlain is passionate about the smart home. Their products can be controlled remotely through the myQ app, from your smartphone or tablet. The brand offers top-of-the-range garage products at an affordable price, from small accessories such as wireless entry keypads, to top-of-the-line smart garage door openers that are able to execute a number of functions.

Ease of use

With Chamberlain products, customers can make use of garage door openers that are easy to manage remotely through a secure WiFi connection and that can also be integrated into existing smart home ecosystems. Products such as keypads ensure that allowing access to friends and family can be done easily. Go for one of their while their smart lighting products to create some ambience and atmosphere in your garage!

Make your garage smart

Chamberlain has a number of different products to choose from and their wide-ranging variety ensures that everyone can find a product that perfectly fits their needs. Unlike other manufacturers of smart home devices, Chamberlain has a more focused line of products that strives to make your garage smarter and easier to manage. This ensures that their products are of top quality and that their focus is fully behind improving the functionality of your garage.