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Belkin - Wemo Insight Smart Plug

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Main Features

Give any home device smart capabilities by pairing it with the Wemo Insight Smart Plug. Control traditional devices from the comfort of your smartphone and gain insights into your energy usage.

All advantages of Wemo Insight Smart Plug at a glance:

  • Monitor energy usage
  • Set schedules
  • Control home devices remotely
  • Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

Smart plugs are an easy way to get started creating your own smart home. Instead of buying new lights and appliances, smart plugs will give any electrical device smart features and the Wemo Insight Smart Plug is a great place to start. It comes with all the features we expect of smart plugs, like the ability to manage devices from your smartphone and set schedules for them to follow. But this plug also lets you track and monitor your energy usage for each device.

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Product Information

  • Monitor your energy costs in the Wemo App: The Wemo app gives you a detailed view of how much energy each of your connected devices uses and its estimated costs.
  • Set schedules, so your devices automatically turn on when you need them: Set your coffee machine to turn on when you wake up or your lights to turn on at sunset.
  • Manage your home devices from anywhere in the world: Never worry about forgetting whether or not you turned off your devices before leaving home. You can easily access all connected devices via the Wemo app and turn devices on or off — no matter where you are.
  • Manage your devices more easily with a voice assistant: The Wemo Insight Smart Plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for intuitive voice control.
  • Explore more functions with IFTTT: Experience more complex features by trying out one of the ever expanding number of Wemo Insight Smart Plug compatible IFTTT recipes.

The Belkin - Wemo Insight Smart Plug in action

Give your traditional home devices smart capabilities by plugging them into Wemo Insight Smart Plugs. Once set up, you can manage your devices entirely from the Wemo app on your smartphone or via voice control. Check the status of your devices remotely, schedule your devices to turn on and off automatically, and monitor your energy usage.

Keep an Eye on energy consumption in the Wemo app

What sets the Wemo Insight Smart Plug apart from its competition is its ability to track the energy usage of individual household appliances. Get detailed reports of your past consumption sent to your email, and see exactly where you’re spending your money every month. You can see how long a specific device has been turned on for and its projected monthly energy cost. Smart plugs in general help cut down on unnecessary energy expenditures, because they allow you to turn off appliances remotely from your smartphone. The Wemo Insight Smart Plug could be a good solution for people who want to reduce their energy bills and see exactly where they are making progress.

The Wemo Insight Smart Plug will be an especially worthwhile purchase for energy conscious individuals who want to dip their toes into the world of smart home technology.

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Setup is very simple: Once you plug in the smart plug, you can manage the rest of the installation process from the Wemo app on your smartphone.

Product Quality 8

The smart plug is made of durable, high quality materials and works well with most household appliances.

App/Software 8
The app is user-friendly and it gives you a platform that lets you access your connected Belkin devices quickly and easily.
Functionality 9

The smart plug equips traditional home devices with many of the smart home features many of us have come to rely on, like setting schedules and managing devices from our smartphones.

Reliability 9

While communication between the app and plug were generally good, we did encounter some bugs in the app that occasionally led to connectivity issues.

Design 8

The smart plug looks sturdy and features a convenient touch-sensitive button to turn on the plug. But the plug is bulky and may partially cover its neighboring socket when plugged in.

Data Protection 8
Ensure that the WiFi network that you're connecting to is encrypted with a strong and secure password.
Value for Money 9

A fair price for a high quality smart plug that offers expanded features.

Setup is very simple: Once you plug in the smart plug, you can manage the rest of the installation process from the Wemo app on your smartphone.

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Technical details

Technical Details

Product Dimensions2.9 x 2.9 x 2.3 in.
Item Weight2.84 oz
Connectivity 2.4GHz 802.11n
Power supply120V/15A/60Hz/1800W
Do I need a hub to use the Wemo Insight Smart Plug?

No, you do not need a hub to connect your Wemo Insight Smart Plug.

Does the Wemo Insight Smart Plug offer surge protection?

No, the plug does not come with surge protection.

Can I save a report of my energy usage generated by the Wemo Insight Smart Plug?

The Wemo Insight Smart Plug can capture a 45 day report of your energy consumption in an excel file and send it to you via email.

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